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Bike stolen from funeral after late cyclist's friends rode alongside hearse during procession

Widow thinks bike was taken when funeral staff went into church to carry coffin

A Bournemouth widow has appealed for the return of a Specialized Stumpjumper after the bike was stolen from outside the church during her late husband’s funeral. The hearse carrying NHS worker Daniel Burgess’s coffin had been accompanied by eight of his close friends on their bikes during the funeral procession.

The Bournemouth Echo reports that the cyclists left their bikes outside Corpus Christi Church in Boscombe when they went inside for the funeral.

At some point during the service, between 12pm and 1.30pm on Friday, February 14, the bright orange Stumpjumper was stolen.

Burgess’s widow, Amy, has asked for anyone with information about the theft to come forward.

“It is our friend’s bike and was one of eight used to ride alongside the hearse on the final part of the journey to the church,” she said.

“I am so angry that someone would take this knowing there was a funeral going on inside. It’s a very low thing to do. There was only room for four of the bikes inside so the other four were rested up outside.

“There were people out there the whole time, except when the funeral staff had to come in to carry the coffin out. That is when it must have been taken so it could be that someone was watching to see when they were left unattended.

“There were funeral cars parked outside and the church doors were open and church completely full.”

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mingmong | 4 years ago
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Hirsute | 4 years ago

How low can someone stoop?

PRSboy replied to Hirsute | 4 years ago

Makes no difference to a thief whether its a bike, treasured family jewellery or a charity collection tin.  Its all fair game when you have no moral compass.

We can only hope karma comes a-calling.

JMcL_Ireland replied to Hirsute | 4 years ago

Unfortunately there are scum that will stoop to any level. There's a death notice website here in Ireland that gives funeral details and there have been several cases of the houses of the deceased being burgled when everybody leaves the house to go to the funeral (especially in rural parts of the country house wakes are still common rather than funeral homes - funerals also tend to take place within 2-3 days unlike the UK)

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