Knog Skink lights, tool and gloves

Knog were showing off their funky Beetle (2 LED), Gekko (3 LED) and Skink (4 LED) lights at Eurobike - they use a similar silicon rubber mount to Knog's more expensive light systems which means you can mount then pretty much anywhere there's space. We've got a front Skink and rear Beetle to test, so we'll give them a run out at our 12hr relay race on Saturday and let you know what they're like. They certainly look cool... Coming from an industrial design background Knog's gear is always pretty good looking, and usually works well to boot. We're a big fan of their bags, and the Gator light systems are high quality commuting gear too. Also on the Knog stand at Eurobike were the diminutive new tool range, the most fully featured of which packs 18 tools (including a chain tool and a pedal spanner) into a 48mmx48mm case. Their range of Goatskin commuter gloves was also pretty smart.


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