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Eurobike faves: the Hope V-Twin hydraulic converter

Disc brakes on 'cross bikes: the time is now, and for now you need a box like this...

Like we said, soon you'll have road shifters with hydraulic internals and discs on your road bike. It's the future, though seemingly not the future everyone wants. Anyway, for now the focus is on cyclocross and Jo's first ride on the Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 was enough to persuade him that actually, he did like discs for CX after all. And he's a proper luddite. You'll be next.

For now, you need a box to convert cable pull into fluid push. There were quite a few on display at Eurobike, but perhaps the prettiest was Hope Technologies' V-Twin, so named (by readers, not by Hope, although we reckon they'll use it...) because of its resemblance to said engine design. It attaches via a spacer insert, underneath your stem, and all the trickery goes on inside the box so it looks nice and neat. Here's Alan from Hope explaining...

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