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Bags Of Stuff From Polaris

We take a quick look at new bags and clothes from UK cycle tailors Polaris

UK cycle clothing bods Polaris Bikewear are well known for their extensive and good value range of pedaling togs and as well as expanding out into shoes (we had a quick look at their shoes in our Eurobike show roundup) they’re also making bags. Trolling the halls at Eurobike a while back they let us have a gander at some of their new luggage.

All of the new range of luggage slots into their RBS range, which stands for Really Bright Stuff, in other words clothes and equipment of a very commuter friendly “What Do You Mean You Didn’t See Me” bold Hi-Viz yellowy green, we've arleady tested the RBS jacket, with a fair amount of discussion of the concept here.

Smallest of the new bags is the Courier Bag that can hold 20 litres of your stuff in one large compartment-free cargo area, although there are internal clips for an optional extra laptop sleeve should you wish. Made from PVC as part of the Aquanought range it has a waterproof zip and it can be roll-topped for extra damp-proofness, a shoulder-pad and waist-strap help carrying comfort, all at £49.99.


Next up is the Rucksack, also waterproof with a roll-top opening into its 30 litre cargo hold with internal hooks for the addition of extra storage sleeves. There’s an outside pocket and external elastic loops for further carriage and a removable back-plate all for £69.99. We haven't tested one yet but the idea of both the roll top opening and the removable back plat both appeal. The former in theory gives the option of cramming a bit more stuff in (when it's not wet) and if roll top pannier bags are anything to go by should make the pack good and waterproof. Personally I like to run with a backplate but I can see that if you were using the bag as say a piece of non-cycling luggage and you wanted to get in as much as possible removing the backplate would be a good option, plus of of course if you are packing light on the bike and don't really need the structure the backplate gives you then you can go even lighter… okay not much lighter but incremental gains and all that.


For off the bike lugging of kit of there’s the 40 litre Holdall for £60 with change for a penny chew. PVC waterproof again with a roll-top and Velcro closure there’s an internal drybag for hiding wet and grotty bike kit or smelly shoes.


Finishing up with the big daddy the BB Bag is a hungry 110 litre holdall that was originally a bag used by the Polaris reps to cart clothing samples around but the bag got such a great reception from shops that they decided to make it a production item. With a rolltop opening (are you sensing a theme here?) for easy access to all that mass of stuff inside there’s a clear window on the side so you can write your name, race number or whatever on a bit of paper slid in there and side and end compression straps keep everything cinched down. Lifting of the BB can be done with either the fabric handles or shoulder-strap, or if the bag is too full to lift pulling it along with the extendable handle and wheels. The BB Bag will do all that for £124.99.


Not there at Eurobike and only just now available is the new £49.99 RBS Radar Pack, available in fantabulosa visible Lime Green/Black and stealth all Black, both colours come with multiple reflective graphics on all sides. Hydration bladder compatible with 25 litres of room courtesy of a zipped main compartment and front pocket, the latter with multiple sleeves inside for tools, inner tubes, pump and grubble. Designed to be commuter comfy with spacer mesh for airflow over the back and foam for cushioning in all body contact areas other thoughtful touches are zipped hip pockets for quick access to keys and cash and a bijou secure clear windowed LED pocket.
 We definitely like the look of this one and have already asked for a sample to test - on paper at least the spec reminds us of an old favourite the Vaude Air.




The Polaris luggage range is available to carry away right about now.

Moving onto clothing, just about right for now through to spring is the Tornado Jacket, a cycling top for the chillier days. Windproof chest and sleeve panels keep the fresh breeze off the front while the Thermastretch contrast fabric keeps you warm without overheating. Details include a full front zip, breezy gap shrugging thumb loops and an extended collar while out back there are four elasticated pockets, the outermost two hugging the sides, with the right-hand of the two large central pockets sporting an extra zipped security pocket. Available in orange or dishy black with reflective print detail and piping. You can have that for £79.99 if you like.



The Pulse is the Polaris bona road jacket for £144.99. Cut with a Performance fit so there’s no flapping on the bike it’s made from a 4 way stretch waterproof and breathable Hydrovent performance fabric in black or yellow. All seams are fully taped and the YKK zips are all water resistant, including the welded back pocket zip. The Pulse has fully adjustable cuffs with thumbloops, hem and collar with zip-dock, and is decorated with reflective print details while an extra safety feature is the rear pocket with its exclusive transparent window so you can put a rear light in there.

Jo Burt has spent the majority of his life riding bikes, drawing bikes and writing about bikes. When he's not scribbling pictures for the whole gamut of cycling media he writes words about them for and when he's not doing either of those he's pedaling. Then in whatever spare minutes there are in between he's agonizing over getting his socks, cycling cap and bar-tape to coordinate just so. And is quietly disappointed that yours don't He rides and races road bikes a bit, cyclo-cross bikes a lot and mountainbikes a fair bit too. Would rather be up a mountain.

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pedalpowerDC | 12 years ago

I'm assuming that there's no connection to American snowmobile manufacturer (and seller of branded clothing) of the same name. This creates some globalization issues for these folks, though.

nick_rearden replied to pedalpowerDC | 12 years ago
pedalpowerDC wrote:

I'm assuming that there's no connection to American snowmobile manufacturer...

That's correct; different company. I guess that would make it difficult to sell their snowmobiles in the UK, too  3 Not sure on the status worldwide, though. Depends on whose lawyers have registered the brands globally, I guess. I heard once that the British company Land Rover was prevented from selling its off-road cars in Brazil for years because someone else had presciently registered the brand name there first.

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