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Lightweight wheel out new deeper Fernweg model

Like buses, you don't see any for ages then two come along together. More shortly, they say...

It seems less than a fortnight ago and in fact it was that we were posting, "German wheelmeisters Lightweight have launched…" only last time it was for their new Meilenstein C clincher wheels. Now it's wheels for race-specific, glued-on tubular tyres and unlike the Meilensteins that are an evolution of an existing product, the second new set of wheels in as many weeks is an all-new departure for the company.

The noticeable attribute of the Fernweg wheels compared to existing Lightweight models is an overall 81mm depth. According to the company, "Countless tests in the wind tunnel, on the track, and on the road helped us find the optimum design for the stiffest, lightest and probably most aerodynamic aero wheel set on the planet." Also obvious though is a slim 19.5mm, more acutely v-section profile than is all the rage currently from the bulbous likes of Zipp. The latter claim that the wider rim bed and rounded - or toroidal, if we're being pedantic - shape is better suited to cross winds but the Lightweights with an expected price in the region of £3,700 aren't likely to be bought by people worrying about using one pair of wheels for all occasions. Blowier day? Use your standard pair of 53mm Lightweights.

The Germans' claimed weight for the new wheel set is 1,355g which is pretty impressive for so much carbon-fibre and you get 16 spokes at the front wheel, 20 at the rear, also made from carbon-fibre. A further interesting claim is that "the fully enclosed construction means water cannot enter the rim, so the wheels should maintain their low weight when riding in wet weather."

No dates for UK deliveries have been announced yet although big summer events are unlikely to be a problem. By then we're intriguingly told there will be further new products.

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