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Free indoor training for all at Fetish Bike Company

Cheltenham bike shop opens Sweat Pit for weather-weary riders

If you're in Cheltenham and sick of this flamin' weather, head down to Fetish Bike Company, where you can set up for free in their new training studio.

Bring along your turbo trainer and bike to the aptly named Sweat Pit and meet some other like-minded bikeists for some undisturbed hours in the saddle.

Showers and changing facilities are also available and there's no charge - just clean up after yourself.

While you're there, you'll want to have a good poke about the shop; there's an Olympic sale on at the moment with 20 per cent off everything.

Adam Powell, Director of Fetish Bike Company said: "We hope to encourage all levels of cyclist from CAT 1 road riders to
recreational mountain bikers to come in and make the most of this area in the unit.

"The summer has been so poor with the trails and roads washed out due to the constant rain we thought how can we help people keep fit and improve their training and not drive their families mad with the noise and distraction of the dreaded turbo in the front room or garage?

"People can call us and book one of our turbo trainers or Wattbikes or roll up with their own bikes and turbo/rollers."

To find out more visit the Fetish Bike Company.

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pepita1 | 11 years ago

Wish there was a place that offered Watt bike in Bristol area

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