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Driver charged for cyclist harassment after video of incident goes viral

Driver, aged 75, had repeatedly targeted cyclists

A driver who tailgated cyclists, honking and harassing them as they rode along despite having plenty of room to pass safely, has been charged.

A video taken by one of the cyclists, who happened to be Dirk Friel, founder of Training Peaks, was posted on YouTube and first highlighted on our site in a forum post.


The video went viral, and currently has had 408,000 views. Dirk, from Longmont Colorado, wrote of it:

"Here is what was supposed to be my relaxing Sunday morning ride with my teammate until things became a bit unsettling when an older male driver came up behind us in his Ford Explorer.

"This guy obviously doesn't like seeing bikes for some reason since he sat behind us for more than five minutes blaring his horn. What's even worse is we saw him approaching from behind and to be polite we ride single file to give him as much road as possible, as we did with every other car we encountered on this road east of Longmont, CO.

"This guy was so intent of bugging us that he backed up traffic behind him and cars had to pass him on a double yellow line. It seems he was the one obstructing traffic, not us. We ended up slowing up in order to force him to pass us and go on with his day. Insane. Hopefully this is the worste thing this guy does to cyclists.

"As a Founder of I encourage everyone to get out and ride bikes as part of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone no matter what their age or where they may live should have the right to feel safe when riding whether it be for health, fitness or simply commuting to work."

When police investigated, they found the driver, aged 75, had had "similar run-ins with this driver,” according to Dirk.

“Together with victims and witnesses, CSP worked with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office in an effort to find and correctly charge the alleged driver,” Trooper Joshua Mills said in a statement released to DC Streetblog.

“The Colorado State Patrol wishes to remind everyone to share the road with courtesy with everyone, regardless whether they are pedestrians, bikers or other motor vehicles.”

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