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Video: What happens when a world class trials rider tries a 700c fixed… Awesome

Chris Ackrigg's trys fixed for a week and kicks serious arse...

Here's a great bike video, Chris Akrigg's first week riding a fixed bike, it's proof that good bike handlers can ride anything, and that there's nothing like spending your formative years riding trials and BMX to sharpen up your handling skills and elevate your pain threshold. Akrigg is world class trials rider and is sponsored by Mongoose to ride trials, BMX and various forms of mountain bike … now he rides fixed too.

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

If Mongoose make it Akrigg will ride it for them, and he decided to give the fixed thing a go when his sponsor added the Maurice Fixie to its range. Nick Larsen from Charge has also been encouraging him to have a go.

"Chris Akrigg is my good friend... I have been telling him for a while to give the FIxed thing a go. 1 week after his feet first hit a fixed pedal and here is what we have."

We won't spoil it for you, but some of what Chris manages would be exceptional on any bike let alone a fixed gear machine with  700c wheels. We can't claim to have seen every fixed video… but from what we have seen we reckon that after a week he might already be the best. 

Enjoy! And watch it right to the very end, past the credits, for proof that pro bike riders really do have cojones of steel. Bonus surprise for us is that at one point he rides past the offices – how cool is that?!

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