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Pedal on Parliament 2 on Sunday aims to bring thousands of cyclists out in protest

Sir Chris Hoy urges cyclists to join campaign to make Scotland's roads safer...

Just one day to go until Sunday's Pedal on Parliament 2 ride in Edinburgh, led out by the Flying Scotsman Graeme Obree, the families of Audrey Fyfe and Andrew McNicoll, both cyclists killed on Scotland's roads will also be at the front of the ride. The sentence community service sentence recently imposed on the driver who killed Mrs Fyfe has been the subject of intense criticism and both her case and that of Andrew McNicoll illustrate the reasons so many feel a second Pedal on Parliament is needed.

Organisers are determined to top last year's turnout of 3,000 riders in a call for safer cycling in Scotland.

Cyclists will assemble on Edinburgh's Meadows from 2.30, where there will be a chance to mingle before setting off at 3pm after a minute's silence for all those killed on Scotland's roads in the last year.

At the Parliament building, there will be brief speeches by organiser David Brennan, Lynne McNicoll and Graeme Obree [they'll do well to get a brief speech out of Obree, he's more of an endurance man - Ed], with responses from MSPs Alison Johnstone (Green), Jim Eadie (SNP) and Sarah Boyack (Labour) and Councillor Cameron Rose (Conservative).

Pedal on Parliament's organisers say the event is more important than ever, given that the most recent road safety figures for Scotland show that the numbers of cyclists and pedestrians killed and seriously injured has actually risen.

Sir Chris Hoy, an Edinburgh man himself, urged local cyclists and their friends to join the protest ride. He said: "Unfortunately I can't attend Pedal on Parliament 2, however, I thoroughly support the aims and objectives of Pedal on Parliament and I urge as many cyclists and non-cyclists alike to attend.”

Chris Boardman has also lent his support to the campaign too, saying: "The Pedal on Parliament event is a great way for people to make sure their voices are heard on safer cycling in Scotland and I hope it is a great success.”

The first Pedal on Parliament on April 28 2012 brought 3000 people onto the streets of Edinburgh, including hundreds of kids; one of the biggest ever demonstrations outside the Scottish Parliament.

Pedal on Parliament’s eight-point manifesto asks for:

1) proper funding for cycling;

2) cycling to be designed into Scotland’s roads;

3) slower speeds where people live, work and play;

4) cycling to be integrated into local transport strategies;

5) improved road traffic law and enforcement;

6) the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians to be reduced;

7) a strategic and joined-up programme of road user training;

8) improved statistics supporting decision-making and policy.

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Gkam84 | 11 years ago

I had planned to be there, thanks to Scotrail, I won't be, they won't let me take the trike....

So I'm hoping for a dry day to go and watch the Scottish road race series near me  4

kitkat | 11 years ago

Perhaps a roll call of those killed on the roads before the minute's silence would focus minds on the families who are now missing loved ones and the shameful inaction of the Scottish parliament

kiwiglider | 11 years ago

We need to do this in England.

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