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Fantasy Vuelta: the final prizes round-up

We had over £2,500 worth of gear from Halfords to give away - who's ended up with it?...

It's had its twists and turns and it's deposited us here: in Madrid, with the oldest Grand Tour winner ever. Chris Horner wrapped it up on the Angliru before the procession into Madrid, leaving a string of European talent in his wake. But you already know about all that. What you want to know is: what happened in Fantasy Cycling? There was a bunch of great prizes from Halfords to be handed out, so who ended up with what?

What happened to long-time leaders team Dag Otto Lauridsen, unfortunately for them, was that they were finally overrun on the slopes of the Angliru to be replaced at the top of the overall table by team Scorekeeper. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they slipped a further place on the final day to cede second place to team jayna by just one point (3,134 to 3,133), with team Scorekeeper ending up victorious by a fairly impressive 72 points on 3,206.

So it's team Scorekeeper that wins the Boardman carbon fibre road bike, with teams Dag Otto Lauridsen and jayna netting a pair of posh Lake CX331 shoes respectively. Over in the Purist league, team Rouleur's revenge took the win by a comfortable 135 points from team blackheath wheelers to become the winner of a Gore Phantom 2.0 jacket.

On to stage winners. We've already announced the winners from weeks one and two but we'll recap them here, along with the top scorers for the final run-in. Here's the whole list of stage winners:

Stage 1: eoghan39 (eoghan39) (174 points)
Stage 2: Dag Otto Lauridsen (martinlaes) 168 points)
Stage 3: dash (Etsuko Hama) (202 points)
Stage 4: dinbsky (dinbsky) (163 points)
Stage 5: Gouwe Kouwie (Gouwe Kouwie) 183 points)
Stage 6: dlewis1a (dlewis1a) (166 points)
Stage 7: tts bristol - chris (chrisgnewman) (134 points)
Stage 8: BMC (Bald Manc C___) Racing (bradders1980) (226 points, on a coin toss)
Stage 9: The Burghfield Cycle Club (ianthegecko) (211 points)
Stage 10: mshamster (mshamster) (228 points)
Stage 11: Nick Ost (239 points, wins on a coin toss from a tie)
Stage 12: liamsmale (liamsmale) (157 points, wins with most scoring riders from a 3-way tie)
Stage 13: Team Lucas (lucas) (145 points)
Stage 14: GetJohn (johcar) (233 points)
Stage 15: NONDOPINGBASTARDS (stukas666) (223 points)
Stage 16: NathanLukeTickner (NathanLukeTickner) (127 points)
Stage 17: Team Morales (jacobo) (168 points)
Stage 18: Fiona41 (Fiona41) (194 points)
Stage 19: Liestronger (tfrawley) (205 points)
Stage 20: karlake2 (karlake2) (231 points)
Stage 21: Anaheim Dreamers (capitalgull) (185 points)

So that's everyone! With the exception of our raffle winner, who gets an Adidas outfit worth £150 just for having a go. And that prize goes to snorbitz. So well done him-stroke-her.

We hope you've enjoyed playing our Fantasy Vuelta, and a big thanks to Halfords for supplying the prizes. That's the last Grand Tour of the season out of the way but there's still more racing to come and it'll all be bigger and better next year too. Stay tuned for that!

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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