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Olympics: 'Medical tape' row as record-breaking Danish pursuit team accused of bending UCI rules

"Every rider with the same injury on both legs requiring ‘medical tape’ down the front of their legs, coincidently exactly where it would be aerodynamically advantageous".....

The Danish men's pursuit team have been accused of bending UCI rules after all four riders were seen wearing identical 'medical tape' on their shins during their record breaking performance. 

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Eagle-eyed Chris Boardman, who was commentating on the event at the Izu Velodrome in Tokyo, spotted the 'coincidental' injuries and said that the tape was on the place on the leg where it would offer the most aero gains. 

World champions and world record holders Denmark set a frighteningly fast new Olympic record of 3:45.014 today, and the team looked as though they could potentially go even quicker in the finals. 

After the victory however, some people questioned whether the unusual tape would infringe on UCI rules. 

UCI Continental rider Lizzie Banks, said she would be very surprised if the Danes hadn't ensured the tape was within the 'current' rules. 

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 12.45.32
 ​UCI article 1.3.033

She said:  "I don't believe that it contravenes the rules if you read the full rules as it does not change the morphology of the rider and the the tape does not have a profile change of more than 1mm.

"I am more than certain that Denmark will have triple checked it's within *current* rules."

She added: "Would be interesting to know the difference it makes though. I assume they've tested and found it to be faster but by how much?

"One would think we are talking teeny amounts but then again sometimes a race can be won by those teeny weeny details. Interesting."

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The British pursuit team, consisting of Ed Clancy, Ollie Wood, Ethan Hayter and Ethan Vernon will face world record holders Denmark on Tuesday  for a place in the gold medal ride on Wednesday.

Dan Bigham, the former British team member and aerodynamic genius, who moved across to coach the Danish squad in 2019, previously claimed the world record will be lowered in Izu.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: "I think (the record) has to go. I think it will anyway. The track itself and conditions look even for an equal performance to Berlin it will go because people physiologically will be in better shape, and the track conditions will be quick."

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