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"So of course, who do people take their anger out on?": Facebook group learns of driver's crash, blame cyclists...; "Wooden that be fun to ride": Definitely not the new Trek — but cyclist's DIY Madone is rideable...(apparently) + more on the live blog

Welcome to the Friday live blog, your one-stop shop for all things cycling as we head towards another soggy weekend. Don't you just love British summertime...
14 June 2024, 15:41
"So of course, who do people take their anger out on?": Facebook group learns of driver's crash, blame cyclists... reader Simon got in touch with a tale from his local Facebook group where people have learnt of a road traffic collision, a second in recent times after a previous driver's crash took out the BT box that provided internet for most of the area. While Simon reports there have been some complaints previously about speeding on the roads, there was only one thing to blame for this one...

Facebook group

"For context, there's also been a bridleway upgrade recently, which caused various people to be very angry for various contradictory reasons (I've written a blog on it here, and in general, cyclists are generally seen as the lowest of the low," Simon reported.

"So of course, when a car (driver) crashes, who do people decide to take their anger out on? Couldn't make it up really, the usual anti-cycling insurance and tax bingo in there as well, plus the suggestion that people are both cycling so slowly they need to be overtaken, but so fast it's also a race track: Schrodinger's cyclists evidently. One of those where it's been brought up so many times that road tax hasn't been a thing since the 1930/40s etc, that people must be deliberately ignoring the rebuttals to push the agenda they want to believe in, rather than the reality."

14 June 2024, 15:57
Free virtual riding app MyWhoosh lets users transfer levels and ratings over from Zwift profiles
14 June 2024, 14:20
João Almeida wins Tour de Suisse stage six

 UAE Team Emirates pulled off another 1-2 this afternoon on today's shortened stage six, the order of the winner and runner-up reversed from yesterday's result, João Almeida gapping Adam Yates in the closing metres atop the climb to Blatten. With another summit finish tomorrow before a mountain time trial on Sunday, the British rider takes a lead of 27 seconds into the weekend.

Egan Bernal and Mattias Skjelmose were the best of the rest, Enric Mas suffering a worse day than yesterday, while there were signs of improvement from Lenny Martinez after a tricky week for the Frenchman.

Tom Pidcock and Oscar Onley are in seventh and eighth on GC respectively. 

14 June 2024, 13:45
Zwift unveils £1,199 Zwift Ride smart bike with singlespeed frame, Kickr Core trainer and Zwift Cog system: how does it ride?
14 June 2024, 13:38
Tour de Suisse stage shortened to just 42km due to snow blocking climb
Tour de Suisse revised stage

Snow on top of the Nufenenpass means today's sixth stage of the Tour de Suisse is just 42km, which basically makes it an 8km bunch hill climb, the peloton currently tackling an easy pre-ascent warm-up before the fireworks can be set off shortly. Another Adam Yates stage win is the most likely outcome of course, his UAE Team Emirates teammates almost certainly hoping to repeat the destruction of yesterday. Can anyone else get close? Will João Almeida be granted some freedom? All will be revealed very soon.

14 June 2024, 13:17
"A sad day for women's cycling": RideLondon Classique cancelled for 2025 as UCI "unilaterally" moves dates "without consultation or prior warning"
14 June 2024, 13:15
Tree-mendous punning
Live blog comment 14/6/2024


14 June 2024, 10:48
Cyclists riding "at excessive speeds" and causing crashes prompt Royal Parks to review cycling policy, as charity cancels time trial events because "they directly encourage cyclists to go faster than speed limit"
14 June 2024, 10:16
"Wooden that be fun to ride": Definitely not the new Trek — but cyclist's DIY Madone is rideable...(apparently)

Introducing the Trek Board-one — heavier, less aero, but oh so much stiffer (some would say 'too stiff') and available for a fraction of the full carbon offering...

Cyclist's DIY 'Trek Madone' (Rock Rider/Facebook)

[Rock Rider/Facebook]

Now, I might be wrong, but there appear to be some slight differences between this model and the new bike we spotted Lidl-Trek's riders using at the Critérium du Dauphiné. Enjoy some 'spot the difference' if you're able to, it's a tricky one...

> New Trek Madone breaks cover at Dauphiné

Facetiousness aside, us and everyone else who saw this pop up on Facebook were well impressed by the crafting and work that's gone into this, and it's rideable! Well, we're taking the creator's word for it. Shared by Rock Rider, who is apparently based in Kenya, he replied to the inevitable question about whether you could actually clock any kilometres on it with a bullish one-word declaration... "Yes."

Cyclist's DIY 'Trek Madone' (Rock Rider/Facebook)

"My Trek Madone, actually stronger than your carbon fibre," he joked.

Top marks all round but those internally routed cables in particular got plenty of love in the comments. 

Patrick Shea: "Are you sure that's a Trek? Looks more like a Specialized Rootbaix to me"

Tim Clements: "The ride probably feels a little wooden"

Cesar Tan: "Trek Mad-One"

Robert Alan Pearce: "Wooden that be fun to ride"

14 June 2024, 09:25
Great Britain loses Olympic cycling silver medal to France 100 years after cyclist's death

I've got to admit, the 1900 Paris Olympics wasn't really on our radar as something we expected to cover in 2024. We're probably a bit late (124 years late) to the party if we wanted to produce any news copy around the action, or so we thought. A curious case has been brought to light, the International Olympic Committe rectifying its historical records to award a silver medal from the men's 25km cycling race at the 1900 Games to France rather than Britain.

The medal was, and remains, awarded to Lloyd Hildebrand, a British citizen who was born and brought up in France (even if the beacon of truth Wikipedia says he was born in Tottenham), competing for a French club before and after winning his medal at the 1900 Olympics.  

"As was the norm then, and for several later editions of the Olympic Games, athletes had only to send the number of their licence, established by the national federation where they were regularly competing, and pay the entry fees to compete at the Games," the IOC explained. "National Olympic Committees (NOCs) were not involved in the process, as they are today.

"Based on this newfound information, the IOC EB decided to apply the same policy as in previous cases brought to the IOC's attention. The medal won by Hildebrand will now be credited to France instead of Great Britain in the official records of the Olympic Games Paris 1900 and in the IOC's database."

14 June 2024, 09:18
Bianchi launches e-Oltre: an 11kg ebike that feels like "a true road bike" (says Bianchi)
14 June 2024, 07:55
Billionaires' Row banning cyclists over speeding claims forces riders to risk "A-road with grisly collision record", argue "reeling" campaigners

Let's kick Friday off with the latest from Billionaires' Row, that's Britain's "most expensive street" (thanks to its £35 million average house price) that is home to private homes and embassies belonging to the world's super rich, but also a crucial quiet and safe active travel route used by thousands of cyclists. Well, it was used by thousands of cyclists... until the Crown Estate banned pedestrians and cyclists after complaints about "dangerous" cyclists causing "near misses" and putting residents and diplomats "at risk".

Needless to say that didn't go down too well, the Labour candidate for Kensington & Bayswater calling the ban "a selfish and spiteful act" and starting a petition calling for its reopening. Naturally, then, Conservative candidate Felicity Buchan also started a separate petition immediately afterwards, some cynics suggesting that might have more to do with the upcoming election than a sudden newfound want to champion the interests of cyclists (just type Felicity Buchan into your browser for the source of people's cynicism).

The London Cycling Campaign said it was "reeling" from the closure and shared a screenshot of a collision map, to demonstrate the choice now facing riders who can't use Kensington Palace Gardens for their journeys... "a park shut at night" or "an A-road with a grisly collision record"... pick your poison...

Well, there might be some hope, the Crown Estate yesterday telling the Evening Standard the installation of "temporary measures" may allow a "safe controlled reopening". The organisation claims it would "rather not" restrict access but near misses caused by "dangerous" cyclists meant there is a need for a "review of continuing cycling and pedestrian safety incidents".

And it seems like nobody is happy (except perhaps some residents), the two major party candidates, locals and the council all saying they want to see it reopened.

A council spokesperson said: "The council was very disappointed to learn that the Crown Estate has taken the decision to close Kensington Palace Gardens to pedestrians and cyclists, without any prior consultation with us. The closure of Kensington Palace Gardens removes a much-valued and largely traffic-free link for people walking and cycling between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street.

"In addition, the closure of part of the pedestrian link from Kensington Church Street to Kensington Palace Gardens has removed an important connection to Kensington Gardens for Kensington residents."

Something tells me the Crown Estate might be announcing a U-turn in the near future...

Dan is the news editor and has spent the past four years writing stories and features, as well as (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. Having previously written about nearly every other sport under the sun for the Express, and the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for the Non-League Paper, Dan joined in 2020. Come the weekend you'll find him labouring up a hill, probably with a mouth full of jelly babies, or making a bonk-induced trip to a south of England petrol station... in search of more jelly babies.

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brooksby | 1 month ago
1 like
chrisonabike replied to brooksby | 1 month ago

Oh ho ho ho!

Does this come under "problems of success"? E.g. being so successful at achieving mass cycling that the proportion of frail or uncertain cyclists is much higher than in "non-cycling countries" like eg. UK?


Even the Fietsersbond cyclist association is changing its tone, while stressing that there is no excuse for reckless drivers or poor infrastructure. “We have the position that helmets don’t prevent accidents but it can be a wise decision to wear one on a voluntary basis,” said its director, Esther van Garderen. “Emphasising too much that you should wear a helmet would discourage people from cycling sometimes, though, and has the air of victim-blaming. I think it’s coming slowly, although there’s no such thing as a society with zero danger and we value our culture where you can cycle safe and free.”

I think even NL may not be quite at the point where "mandatory helmet" is *on balance* a public safety-improver. (Though they've already tried to address some other more relevant things like making using a phone on your bike an offence).

Perhaps they might be justified in the case of certain groups eg. those over a certain age? (I've posted the study details before but while older people are significantly likely to experience bad outcomes in crashes I am not sure they linked that with head injuries per se - perhaps a wiser idea would be to mandate trikes for older people? Maybe even semi-recumbent ones to reduce fall heights?)

Also according to Mr. Hembrow's analysis some of the recent increase in KSI comes from more car / backsliding on safety for vulnerable road users.

For a quick review of the recent figures see:

Owd Big 'Ead | 1 month ago


mark1a | 1 month ago

Sir Mark Cavendish, well deserved. 

NotNigel | 1 month ago

'Tree-mendous punning'

Knot really.

Rendel Harris replied to NotNigel | 1 month ago

NotNigel wrote:

'Tree-mendous punning'

Knot really.

Oh yew!

Nick T | 1 month ago

Wooden frame looks like it's got a com-ply-ant ride

the little onion | 1 month ago

I had a wooden car once. Wooden chassis, wooden wheels, wooden engine. It wooden go anywhere.

mitsky | 1 month ago

I said it before but will repeat myself:

Imagine if any road was closed due to complaints about "near misses with drivers".

There would be uproar.

Patrick9-32 replied to mitsky | 1 month ago

They would also have to close every road...

mdavidford | 1 month ago

Shouldn't that be a Tree-k?

Although I suspect actually it's a Pine-arello, or possibly a Boardman.

mark1a replied to mdavidford | 1 month ago

Maybe a Willower, or a Branchi.

Rendel Harris replied to mdavidford | 1 month ago

Any rider would have to wear Oakleys, of course.

Miller | 1 month ago

This closure is so transparently about rich people wanting to shut out 'the masses'. With all that money, they're aghast that they're forced to share a road with poor people.

brooksby replied to Miller | 1 month ago

And the standards are doubled all the more when you consider how much money is owed to 'the masses' by diplomats (embassies on that road, IIRC) who don't pay their congestion charge.

mdavidford replied to brooksby | 1 month ago
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Well, to be fair, there is no congestion on their road. (Unless you count the hordes of rampaging cyclists. )

jaymack replied to Miller | 1 month ago

I wonder whether they'd call the Police if they were burgled? You know the Police that we all pay for with our taxes, then again taxes are for little people I suppose.

brooksby replied to jaymack | 1 month ago
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I imagine that places like that have very private security (black suits and mirrorshades), and wouldn't dream of bothering the police.

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