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Nonsensical 'cyclists dismount' coronavirus signs popping up around the country

One council urges cyclists to slow down because of the virus

Several councils around the UK have seen fit to put up signs discouraging people from cycling in response to the coronavirus crisis. This is despite the fact there would be no obvious benefit in most cases while also contradicting the government’s firm position that cycling is to be encouraged.

On yesterday’s live blog, we highlighted a bizarre sign put up by the City of London Corporation on Hampstead Heath.

Ostensibly a sign advising people how to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, it for some reason also included a series of more general park-related rules and regulations, several of which would have no impact on the spread of the virus.

While cycling is not permitted in some areas of the park, there are also shared use paths.

It’s not clear where exactly the sign is situated.

Elsewhere, in Whitburn, South Tyneside Council has put up signs on the A183 calling for cyclists to dismount and ‘maintain social distance’.

Real Gaz, who spotted the signs, said that the road in question has narrow footways on which two people could not pass while maintaining distance, even without bikes.

“I am utterly furious about this,” he tweeted. “I will be writing to my councillor to find how much this dangerous myth spreading nonsense cost. And to ask for the evidence base. Which will be good as there isn't one.”

Even more bafflingly, in Owestry, Shrewsbury Town Council is asking cyclists to slow down for coronavirus reasons – albeit on a road that is now closed to motor traffic.

Back at the start of lockdown, there was something of a trend for putting up signs discouraging cycling.

The most memorable was of course the infamous, “Cyclists, stop panting viruses through our village” sign in Cambridgeshire.

We also reported on a parish council in Cheshire which ultimately took down a sign telling cyclists to stay away after reading readers' comments on this website, accepting that, “we got it wrong.”

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mdavidford | 3 years ago
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That A138 one really ought to say 'Cyclists - please adjust your saddle height properly'.

Mungecrundle | 3 years ago

Is this a replacement for the 5G nutjob conspiracy or in addition to?

Chris | 3 years ago

Surely if I slow down it will take me longer to pass any pedestrians I encounter, giving me more time to pass on the nasty cycling covids

ktache | 3 years ago

Obviously cyclists are the main spreaders of Covid, that goes without saying, but wouldn't we spread just as much going slowly or pushing our bikes.

And as I understand it, the wearing of lycra makes the virus easier to spread and the symptoms of those you give it to much worse.

Compact Corned Beef replied to ktache | 3 years ago

Jesus, don't start. In a few days we'll get a red top 'reporting' on how Covid was created by a cabal of cyclists to kill off motorists and leave the roads clear for MAMILs...

Solocle replied to Compact Corned Beef | 3 years ago

I don't know about killing them off, but I have to admit to quite enjoying cycling down empty trunk roads when they were all staying at home!

HoarseMann replied to ktache | 3 years ago
ktache wrote:

And as I understand it, the wearing of lycra makes the virus easier to spread and the symptoms of those you give it to much worse.

I think you are wrong there. Studies have shown that the pad in cycling shorts, whilst not filtering emitted particles to N95 standards, does provide an effective 'butt covering'.

David9694 replied to ktache | 3 years ago

My doctor prescribed a dose of hi viz and recommended I take out insurance.

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