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Free physical activity apps to help you stay active in lockdown

Brands like Nike, Adidas and Decathlon have made apps and videos free to use

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) has made apps, activity ideas and exercise videos created by its members, freely available in an effort to help people exercise safely at home.

There are resources for a range of activities, from indoor cycling to yoga. There are also plenty of active games aimed at families with young children. And who knows, some bodyweight exercises might just make you faster on the bike...

Download the overview of resources with links to all the resources here 

The WFSGI, a group with members such as Nike, Adidas, Decathlon, New Balance and many more are making many of their paid-for apps and training services free to use. Many of these companies have resources like apps and videos that either been made freely available or designed specifically for the coronavirus crisis.

A range of activity types and sports are covered and most don’t require any specialist equipment, making them easily accessible.

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While many of us here at will be able to jump on the indoor smart trainer to get the 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week that the World Health Organisation recommends, it might not seem so simple to achieve if all you’ve got is your front room.

Add to this that as cyclists, many of us can be rather useless at anything physical other than cycling, so this could be an ideal time to increase your general fitness, flexibility, or simply try a different way of exercising.

We’ve already dabbled in yoga. Our video series is here. And I was sent to do core work with the Quick-Step Floors Pro Cycling team. Best start practicing my plank again.

Speaking about the move, WFSGI Vice-President, Emma Mason said:

"It is one of our organisation’s aims to enable all people to be physically active on a healthy planet. We at WFSGI are therefore very proud to serve an industry that, even under challenging circumstances, is continuing to make a positive contribution to the global community by helping individuals to be safely active during COVID-19. We would encourage you to share these resources widely and hope they inspire you, your colleagues and your families to stay safely active during the COVID-19 crisis."

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