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National 12-hour TT results still aren't finalised... two months after it finished

Confusion, frustration and rumours aplenty from those who competed as governing body Cycling Time Trials says a "formal objection" has been made, the process to resolve the matter ongoing and "confidential"...

Update 23/10/2023: The morning after this story was published was contacted by Cycling Time Trials to confirm that the results had now been finalised. In a short statement the time trialling governing body told us: "CTT announces that following a hearing of an Ad Hoc Committee held on 21 October 2023 under the Rules of CTT, the provisional result of the National 12 Hour Championship on the 13 August 2023 stands, and will be published as the final result."

The hearing occurred five days after first contacted CTT for clarification on the situation. Full results can be found here, original story follows...

Nobody will be particularly surprised to hear that to complete the National 12-hour Championships time trial, a gruelling all-day distance-chasing event against the clock, riders require discipline, tenacity, willpower and patience. Perhaps a tad more unexpected, as it turns out, is that those very same aforementioned attributes have also been necessary when waiting for the finalised results, the men's field still in the dark more than two months later.

The reason for the delay communicating the result of the event, held on the D12/1 course in Cheshire back on August 13, is because Cycling Time Trials (CTT) received "a formal objection", the governing body for time trial events tells us, which in turn has sparked "a confidential process" of investigation, as well as plenty of discussion in the various online time trialling forums of course.

> Road bike category introduced by British time trial governing body to "get more people time trialling"

A CTT spokesperson this week told us the governing body "regrets" the delay, but "the process set out in CTT Rules is being followed", a process that will remain "confidential".

CTT regrets the final results for the 2023 National 12 Hour Championship held on 13 August 2023 have not yet been published. As all riders are aware, a formal objection was received so the process set out in CTT Rules is being followed.

In fairness to those directly involved this is a confidential process so no comment will be made whilst it is ongoing.  However, the result will be announced as soon as possible after it is completed. The final results will then be issued.

And while many of those who rode the event will not care if their position in the standings changes, the distance achieved alone more important to many who competed, for a select few the "process" looking into the "formal objection" could be the difference between a top ten, podium, or winning.

"It's all very frustrating," one rider who did not want to be named but is waiting for the confirmation of results told, their finishing position currently in limbo. "We were hoping it would be resolved by now."

"I don't know much of what is happening or when an outcome is due so I can't really comment, I suppose my interest is what will happen. [Given my finishing position] I cheekily have a bit of interest in what is happening but honestly don't know. Fingers crossed something will occur soon."

Another competitor posted on social media asking if anyone had heard of an update, "the National 12-hour results seem a little long in coming out", another reply saying "we really need an update on the process, what meetings and timescale, if not the content of what decision is being made".

A third reply said the "whole thing is very hush-hush" but admitted at the same time nobody wants "to risk undermining the investigation or accuse anyone of anything untoward".

The situation will be keeping CTT occupied in an already busy year for the governing body who in April announced the introduction of a separate road bike category at all of its events in a bid to get more people time trialling.

"If you have a road bike, even if it cost £150 off eBay, you can enter an open event," CTT's chair Andrea Parish said at the time. "Having a separate road bike competition and rankings system is very much part of the process of taking time trialling back to the 'every person's sport' that it once was — and to where it needs to be for the future.

"There's still space for elite athletes, but we're also creating space that people can occupy in different ways and we're making sure that their achievements are properly recognised."

Then, in June, CTT followed British Cycling's lead and ruled that transgender women can no longer compete in female events, instead requiring individuals to compete in the 'open category'.

Dan is the news editor and has spent the past four years writing stories and features, as well as (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. Having previously written about nearly every other sport under the sun for the Express, and the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for the Non-League Paper, Dan joined in 2020. Come the weekend you'll find him labouring up a hill, probably with a mouth full of jelly babies, or making a bonk-induced trip to a south of England petrol station... in search of more jelly babies.

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Paul J | 9 months ago

So is this doping (pharmacological or mechanical), is it related to the equipment categories and their definitions (what is a road bike?), or is related to TG in sport?

Miller replied to Paul J | 9 months ago
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From what I heard, and I could be wrong, someone is accused of taking pace.

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