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Scribe's CORE and Gravel wheel competition has now finished and we name the winner

Scribe Cycling competition is now closed and we name the winner below for the £870 of Scribe CORE or Gravel wheels; is it you?

This competition is now closed and we have a winner for the Scribe 'Core' or Gravel Wheels worth £870. 

Congratulations to Maksym Pokrepa!
Scribe Wheels will be in contact with you shortly.

Many thanks for everybody else who entered the competition and better luck next time.

After last week’s incredibly bright competition, we now have some super light wheels to give away courtesy of Scribe Cycling who are offering one reader the choice of any of their £870 ‘CORE’ or Gravel wheels on the Scribe site. That’s right, you can choose from any carbon or alloy road or gravel wheel up to a value of £870! 

After a quick count, we've worked out that there are 35 different wheel options to choose from in the Core and Gravel ranges, with both disc brake and rim brake 700c road wheels and disc-only 700c and 650b gravel wheels to choose from. You can pick from three decal finishes on the carbon options, multiple widths, and depths for either type and Scribes HD-badged wheels for more powerful road riders out there. Basically, there’s plenty to choose from for all riders.

Scribe competition Nov 2021 - 4 - decal.jpg
Scribe's Vadar Black decal option

All the Scribe Cycling wheels we've reviewed have scored highly, but one or two have been exceptional performers on and our sister site,; which means in our book, it doesn’t matter which ones you choose, because they are sure to deliver a fantastic ride. With so many options, we have picked out a few to help you make your decision and will leave you to check out the rest of the range here

Scribe Aero Wide+D 50 wheelset: awarded 9/10 on
Scribe competition Nov 2021 - 2 - Aero Wide + 50D


If you’re running a disc set-up, Scribe has you covered. We reviewed their Aero Wide+ 50 Discs back in July 2020. Our reviewer Stu was impressed with the aero benefits, saying: “Overall, the Aero Wide+ 50-D wheelset brings a noticeable difference to aerodynamics over many narrower carbon wheels, and, more importantly, at the speeds you are likely to find yourself riding in the real world."

You can read the full review here.

Scribe Race-D wheelset: awarded 9/10 on
Scribe competition Nov 2021 - 3 - Race D.jpg


Weighing in at just 1,479g, Scribe’s Race-D wheelset proves aluminium still has a place in cycling components. Using the same ratchet drive technology that’s found in Scribe's carbon counterparts, the Race-D is no slouch. Our reviewer on this occasion was Jamie and he was impressed with the overall package, saying: ‘Scribe has managed to create a seriously competitive package that provides all the durability, robustness, lightness, and speed that most riders could ever wish for.’ 

You can read the full review here

Scribe Carbon Gravel Wide++ 700 Disc: awarded 5/5 on
Scribe competition Nov 2021 - 1 - Gravel Wide++ 700D.jpg


Alternatively, if you want to ride on the trails and byways less travelled and fancy some wheels able to cope with off-road terrain, check out the Gravel Wide++ 700 Disc at 1,316g. Scribe claims these wheels are robust and pound-for-pound, feature amongst the best gravel wheels out there, which is something we would whole heartily agree.'s Matt Page gave them full marks back in April, summing them up as “incredibly light, responsive and quick to engage. The performance matches or beats wheels at twice the price, and as an overall package it's hard to fault.”

You can read his review in full here

Scribe competition Nov 2021 - 6 - hub 2.jpg

For all of their carbon and alloy performance line wheels, Scribe uses a ratchet drive hub system which is similar in design to DT Swiss’ new EXP hub. Scribe says: “The ratchet system offers high-speed engagement and as there is only one moving part, the hubs are exceptionally durable and remarkably easy to service." 

If you want to find out more about Scribe, check out the great technology section on their website which highlights the zero-compromise approach to the development and testing of their wheels.

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do to be with a chance of winning a wheelset of your choosing is fill the form out below... best of luck!

The entry form is below. Can't see it? Click here

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