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How does review products, and what does it take to score 10/10? Plus Phil Cavell interview + more on the Podcast episode 3

This week we're talking the minefield that is reviews, and George chats to Phil Cavell, author of 'The Midlife Cyclist'...

Episode 3 of the podcast is now live for you to listen to on your commute home... hopefully on a well air-conditioned train carriage, or with some decent bone-conducting headphones if you're on the bike! This week we're talking reviews. How do we put the scores on the doors, and what does it take for a product to get a rare 10/10 score?  


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What's the process if something's bad, and what criteria has to be met for a product to get full marks? More work goes into it that many casual readers might think, so founding father Tony Farrelly, tech editor Mat Brett and yours truly discuss the process in depth. Recently a rare 10/10 was awarded to the Fairlight Strael 3.0, so George talks to reviewer Stu Kerton about why it got top marks.  

2021 The Midlife Cyclist by Phil Cavell

There's also an interview with fitness and bike-fitting expert Phil Cavell, author of The Midlife Cyclist, who talks about training and staying fit past 40 and injury prevention. 

We’re also on a Tour de France comedown and talking more tech, specifically the usage of unreleased products in the pro peloton.  

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Arriving at in 2017 via 220 Triathlon Magazine, Jack dipped his toe in most jobs on the site and over at eBikeTips before being named the new editor of in 2020, much to his surprise. His cycling life began during his students days, when he cobbled together a few hundred quid off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story) and bought his first road bike - a Trek 1.1 that was quickly relegated to winter steed, before it was sadly pinched a few years later. Creatively replacing it with a Trek 1.2, Jack mostly rides this bike around local cycle paths nowadays, but when he wants to get the racer out and be competitive his preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking - the latter being another long story.  

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