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The history of Cannondale, plus Highway Code myths and 100 miles out the saddle continued on the Podcast episode 4

In this episode Simon and Dan talk about recent Highway Code revisions and a 100 mile ride out of the saddle, and the UK's 'Mr Cannondale' Clive Gosling talks about the history of the brand...

We're now live with episode 4 of the podcast, and we've got an eclectic mix as hopefully you'll be becoming accustomed to by now. We discuss those Highway Code revisions that sets out a clearer hierarchy of road users to keep us all safer (and how the tabloids can possibly twist this into a bad thing) plus we revisit the story of a cyclist who rode 100 miles out of the saddle... only to be accused of cheating. Oh, and there's also an in-depth interview with Cannondale's UK brand manager who talks us through its recent history!


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Highway Code.PNG

Some of you may already have read about the recent Highway Code revisions, and our news editor Simon MacMichael's subsequent blog article that addresses the many nonsense headlines that interpreted them as a 'war on the motorist'. Simon, George and our live blog editor Dan tell us why this is all a load of cobblers in more depth and discuss the consequences of the changes. 

Chad Tavernia 100-mile out the saddle (Image credit: Chad Tavernia/Strava)

You might also recall the gentleman above, who (we're 99.9% certain) rode a century out of the saddle at well over 20mph! Dan has been talking to Chad Tavernia since the story blew up, and reveals more details of his second upcoming attempt in a few months' time to prove the original attempt was genuine. 

2021 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 3 - top tube.jpg

Cannondale is now a much-loved bike brand all over the world, but it hasn't always been plain sailing through its 50 year history. The UK's 'Mr Cannondale' Clive Gosling sits down with Tony Farrelly to discuss the brand's trials and tribulations, from being, according to Clive, "a basket case of a brand" during some parts of its history to the innovative force that it is today. 

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