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Scottish cyclist tells of how driver tried to ram him and friend off road

Incident happened on North Deeside Road in Aberdeenshire on Thursday afternoon

A cyclist in Scotland has spoken of the moment a driver tried to ram him and his friend off a road in Aberdeenshire.

Ashley Keenon and his friend Colin Ritchie, who had just finished a 31-hour, 560-mile ride, were cycling on the North Deeside Road when the incident happened at around 3pm on Thursday afternoon, reports the Daily Record.

The 36-year-old architect said he banged on the window of the Kia Sportage around eight times as the driver tried to force them off the road as they rode side by side.

He said that the driver involved in the incident, whom he described as an “elderly gentleman” and has been reported to Police Scotland, appeared to slow down before swerving towards them.

He told the Daily Record: "I've ridden on dual carriage ways and major roads but this is up there with the worst things.

"We were going along at [around 20mph] so it could have really caused damage.

“I was thinking, ‘Tthis is pretty scary. If I come off here it could be very sore or I could end up under his wheels’.

“We both decided we would go out to Banchory on the North Deeside Road.

“After Drumoak we decided to cycle side by side for safety as it is quick at that stretch.

“Out of nowhere this car overtook us and then slowed down and was driving beside us.

“It then started weighing in towards us and suddenly I felt myself hitting the window.

“He just kept ramming into us. I must have hit the window about eight times.

“My friend was almost cycling on the verge so it is lucky he is experienced.

“The whole thing maybe lasted 10 seconds but when you're going at that speed it feels a lot longer.

“It was a bizarre, weird moment,” he added.

“I have no idea why he was deliberately trying to run us off the road.

“Colin has just done this massive trek and then some idiot is trying to ram us.

“I would like to get this guy caught so he can't do anything like this again.

“It's just one of those things. It doesn't happen often but when it does it is not nice.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We received a report of an incident involving a car and two cyclists on North Deeside Road, Aberdeen, around 4.40pm on Thursday, 24 September, 2020.

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances around the incident."

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Rick_Rude | 3 years ago

Scottish police require the crime to have been witnessed by 12 men of good standing before they can remotely consider acting on it. Video footage is prejudical and witnesses must also not be the victims.

I'm actually surprised the cyclists aren't facing charges for harassing the motorist.

wtjs replied to Rick_Rude | 3 years ago

Scottish police require the crime to have been witnessed by 12 men of good standing before they can remotely consider acting on it

In England, they go the extra mile! They require offences against cyclists to be witnessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope independently in separate vehicles. You can imagine the trouble I'm going to have getting Lancashire Constabulary to do anything about a Lancashire CC Highways vehicle ignoring a red light! They start with 'he didn't see it', move onto 'he didn't mean to do it', and finish off with 'it's too late to process'.

roberji | 3 years ago

Sadly I fear there is no point wasting your time with the Police in the absence of video evidence. 2 months ago I was deliberately driven off the road by a car on false number plates which generated little more than a box ticking exercise by the Police, even after I expressed my concern at the apparent lack of interest to the Chief Constable, Police Scotland. Only when the idiot actually kills or seriously injures someone will they spark into life it would appear.


Captain Badger replied to roberji | 3 years ago

That's horrible. Hope you're okay and back on your bike

roberji replied to Captain Badger | 3 years ago
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Yes, still rolling thx.

eburtthebike replied to roberji | 3 years ago

Same thing happened on a club ride a few years back, a vehicle deliberately, dangerously close passed us and several of us got the reg.  When I reported it to the police it was a false plate; no further action.

Why is car crime such a low priority?  People who commit one kind of crime are likely to commit others, so if the police prioritised crime committed by drivers, they'd probably clear up a lot of other stuff too.

wtjs | 3 years ago

Normally this would be a non-starter without video- however, this pair of cyclists clearly carries high credibility. I'm assuming they got the reg. so I wish them luck with following up this incident. Keep going lads!

bobbinogs replied to wtjs | 3 years ago

Nah, probably not worth the effort. I had a horrifyingly close pass by a tractor pulling a trailer last year, 3 of us riding and prepared to make statements but the D&C police said they would not investigate without an independent witness or video. We each wasted 30 mins submitting online reports and were left wishing we hadn't bothered.

Sriracha replied to bobbinogs | 3 years ago

Interesting - "independent" witnesses? Independent of what? If you are no longer the victim, indeed there is none, then logically you must be an independent witness, else what is the dependency upon if not the victim, which does not exist apparently?

bobbinogs replied to Sriracha | 3 years ago

To be honest, it left me puzzled. I was the only one close passed (stuck in a 40cm gap with a 6ft tractor wheel one side and a bramble hedge the other, drop bars just skimming both) and my 2 co-riders behind, both being decent and credible citizens. I don't want to hijack the thread but once again it seems to point to a disjointed police service offering a postcode lottery justice system.

Jetmans Dad replied to bobbinogs | 3 years ago

That there is the problem. 

If someone grabbed your bag, or phone, and ran away with no one else around, there is no way the police would simply dismiss it because there were no witnesses. 

Sure they might not (be able to) do very much, but they would at the very least have acknowledged there was an issue and/or a crime committed. The fact that they are not prepared to even do that speaks volumes. 

the little onion replied to bobbinogs | 3 years ago

looking at the online newspaper report, there is a still image of the car in question, presumably from a video camera, so it looks like it was all recorded.

ktache | 3 years ago

A mere witness, or does this one reach the level of victim?

No bones broken or blood spilt?


Sriracha replied to ktache | 3 years ago

The one on the kerbside should put himself forward as the witness to the crime against the victim.

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