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Transport for London urge people to cycle and walk to school

The group has advised against using public transport if possible and promised to ensure 'children get to school safely and on time'. ...

Transport for London is urging children, as well as teachers, to walk or cycle to school when they return to the classroom tomorrow. 

The department has advised against using public transport if possible but promised to help ensure 'children travel to school safely, sustainably and on time'. 

TfL hope the measures will help avoid a 'car-led' recovery out of the pandemic that would increase pollution and see 'one public health crisis replaced with another'.

Those who are able to walk, cycle or scoot to school are encouraged to do so.

More than 300 'School Streets' have been created across London, which involve timed restrictions on motorised traffic outside schools to hopefully make walking and cycling safer, as well as enabling social distancing.

Nearly 100km of new or upgraded cycle lanes are also said to be either complete or under construction across London.

TfL say they will also be reintroducing other measures similar to those seen during the autumn term to keep students safe.

These include providing extra buses and reintroducing the system of signed ‘School Service’ buses.

Up to half of buses on certain busier, higher-frequency routes will be designated 'School Services' at school travel times between 07:30 and 09:00 in the morning and 14:30 and 16:30 in the afternoon.

These services, which will be clearly signed, will be prioritised for school travel and alternate with normal services.

TfL Image - pupil on bus

Buses signed as School Services will continue to operate at full seated capacity, consistent with Government guidance, while the current capacity limits on buses will remain on normal services.

Public transport will be cleaned as normal and the enforcement of masks still stand to reduce the risk of infection.

The measures will be kept in place at least until the end of the current term and will be kept under review.

Plans for the summer term will be confirmed closer to the time.

Claire Mann, TfL’s Director of Bus Operations, said: “I know how hard the last few months have been for families and especially home learners and home teachers, so I’m sure the return of children to schools will be welcomed by many.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure the network continues to be as safe as possible, but we also need Londoners to repeat the actions they took during the autumn term and play their part.

"Walking and cycling, planning for the quiet times, wearing face coverings and ensuring windows are left open on buses will help everyone who needs to travel to do so safely."

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ktache | 3 years ago
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Dry and briight tomorrow morning in that there London.  Bit chilly mind.

sparrowlegs | 3 years ago

Uh oh! TfL had best watch out, they'll have the taxi men on to them again.

Also, do TfL not realise that for every person who decides to walk or cycle it's another person out of a car? Is that really what London needs right now? More cyclist taking up valuable road space that could be used for cars?

They just haven't thought this through 😉

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