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Decathlon launch three new Van Rysel EDR carbon road bikes with disc brakes

Latest carbon Van Rysel endurance bikes come with Shimano 105 and Ultegra groupsets, and the women's version is intriguingly priced...

Decathlon have launched three new versions of their popular Van Rysel endurance bikes - this time with disc brakes… currently though they are unavailable to buy online. 

There are two Shimano 105-equipped bikes, men's and women's versions of the EDR CF 105, and sitting above them in the range is the Van Rysel EDR CF Ultegra. All three cost less than £3,000 (okay, the Ultegra bike is a penny less) and come in five sizes from XS through to XL. Decathlon are claiming a frame weight of 890g for a medium. The carbon frame comes with a press fit E86 bottom bracket and is Di2-compatible, should you wish to upgrade to electronic shifting at a later date.

Intriguingly, although the information on the Decathlon website suggests that both the men's and women's 105 bikes share the same spec – and even the same claimed frame weight – at £1799.99 the Women's EDR Carbon Disc 105 is £500 cheaper than the men's version. We're not sure whether the spec details on the site are wrong or this is even more of a bargain, but we've asked and we'll update this story when we find out. 

Decathlon bills these models in its premium Van Rysel range of sporty bikes as endurance bikes, with carbon frames, and full Shimano 105 R7000 or Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupsets.

The Van Rysel EDR CF 105 comes with Fulcrum Racing 700 DB tubeless tyres and weighs in at around 8.2kg. 

2021 Van Rysel EDR CF 105 Disc

The Van Rysel EDR CF Ultegra R8000 version weighs just 7.7kg and comes with Fulcrum racing3 DB tubeless wheels.

2021 Van Rysel EDR CF ULTEGRA Disc

The EDR CF105 costs £2,229.99 while the Ultegra model will set you back £2,999.99. 

Van Rysel — the name means 'from Lille' after the location of Decathlon's global headquarters — is Decathlon's performance range. There are two main ranges: the AF series are aluminium framed bikes with carbon forks while the CF bikes have carbon fibre frames.

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Both bikes are currently out of stock on the Decathlon website, which is likely due to a national shortage of bicycles as a result of the combined impact of the pandemic and Brexit. 

> Brexit and the bike industry: how the situation is evolving 

Stock that brands have built up in anticipation of port delays (because of lengthier customs processing) are dwindling as a result of the continual high demand of bikes—which, on top of shipping container shortages, has meant delays for customers after purchasing.

You can check out the new bikes on Decathlon's website

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jollygoodvelo | 3 years ago

I actually really like that wine-red colour on the women's version, as with a lot of the Van Rysel stuff it's a classy looking bike.  A quick look at the geometry shows no massive differences that a different stem couldn't cure... but they might only be in 2XS/XS/S according to the drop down.

yann le coz | 3 years ago

These same bikes are 2000€ (£1722) for 105 and 2600€ (£2238) for Ultegra in Europe.  34% more expensive in UK at current exchange rate!

EddyBerckx replied to yann le coz | 3 years ago

yann le coz wrote:

These same bikes are 2000€ (£1722) for 105 and 2600€ (£2238) for Ultegra in Europe.  34% more expensive in UK at current exchange rate!


either directly or indirectly...Brexit no doubt.

EddyBerckx | 3 years ago
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I gotta be honest I'd get a Canyon Ultimate disc over this (in fact, I have one). The 105 version is £170 more but is almost half a kilo lighter and the Ultegra version is actually cheaper (and lighter). The sell on value will also be much more without a doubt.




60kg lean keen ... | 3 years ago

If you tanslate the first review on Decathlons site, you will find some one has noticed that spec wise things are a little odd, So for a endurance bike it has a 52-36 up front and a 11-28 out back, I would expect at least with that semi comp chainset a 11-30 even a 11-32.  Also why only 25mm tryes would not 28mm be better?  It is a shame as I like the bikes and they are offten a lot more for less than you would get from the big bike brands, I have in the past been very atached to my Triban 3 so it seems that decathlon have missed things in my opinion with some spec choices that will need to be put right before it would be on my list to buy.

Fluffed | 3 years ago
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Strange piece: no link back to Decathalon, and a picture of a rim braked bike (the previous model).

mdavidford replied to Fluffed | 3 years ago
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Don't know if it's been amended in the hour since you posted this, but there is a link to the website in the second last paragraph, and the pictures I'm seeing are all disc brake bikes.

Fluffed replied to mdavidford | 3 years ago

Yep it was fixed after I posted.

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