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Five Magicshine light sets worth £500 have been won, winners declared!

5 winners have been chosen in the Magicshine Competition

The Magicshine competition is now closed. We have 5 lucky winners randomly selected. 

Congratulations to:

Tim Ryder          1st Prize

Martin Riddle       2nd Prize

Rebecca Inman   3rd Prize

Glenn McFarlane  4th Prize

Simon Grau          5th Prize

You'll hear from Magicshine in the next few days to ask for your details to send you your prizes. 



Winter is here, and you may have noticed that it's getting darker quite a bit earlier since the clocks went back... so help keep you luminous on the bike, our pals at Magicshine are offering five sets of their splendid lights for five lucky readers!

Each set up for grabs includes a front and a rear beam, so five of you will be getting a brand new pair of lights for the winter and beyond. All in all that's £500 worth of lights being given away, and all you have to do is fill out the entry form at the bottom to be in with a chance to win - before we take a look at what you could get, be sure to find out more about Magicshine's UK site here, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook...

Magicshine Compo Nov 2020 - 05 Allty 1000 and SeeMee 30.jpg

Our first prize is made up of the Alty 1000 front light and a Seemee 30 on the rear. The Allty 1000 had 9/10 when we reviewed it back in July, and you can read the glowing test report here. Our reviewer Jamie said: "If you're looking for a do-it-all light road light, the Allty 1000 is very hard to beat for this price."
With the RRP at £69.99, that's pretty strong recommendation! The rear light is 30 lumens, and visible up to 800 metres.

Magicshine Compo Nov 2020 - 04 Allty 1000 and SeeMee 100.jpg

The next set is again the Allty 1000, but this time paired with the more powerful Seemee 100 on the rear... a very strong combo indeed. 

Magicshine Compo Nov 2020 - 03 Allty 1500 and SeeMee 100.jpg

Our third set of lights is the Allty 1500 with a Seemee 100. We've not reviewed the Allty 1500, but with a 1500 lumen beam, this is a properly bright light! Added into the bargain is a 100 lumen rear beam. 

Magicshine Compo Nov 2020 - 02 Allty 1500 and SeeMee 180.jpg

The fourth set is an Allty 1500 with a SeeMee 180; so you're getting an even brighter rear light with the powerful 1500 lumen front light.

Magicshine Compo Nov 2020 - 01 Allty 2000 and SeeMee 200.jpg

The last set to be won is the Allty 2000 combined with the SeeMee 200, the brightest set of lights that Magicshine have in their range with smart motion and light sensor, and a tracing light downside the main light.

David Atkinson tested the Allty 2000 earlier this year and gave it a 6/10 - you can read the full review here. For £129.99 we said it's a "decent torch-style light with a powerful beam and an excellent mount."

So, there are the five sets of lights that are up for grabs. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is fill out the form below, then cross your fingers and toes. We'll then pull five winners out of our virtual hat at midday on Monday 23rd November... best of luck folks! 

Can't see the entry form? Click here

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