Securely holds your bottle even over rough terrain, for a price

The SKS Pure Carbon Bottle Cage is certainly in the upper echelons when it comes to price, but as a drink retainer you can't really fault it. It barely weighs anything either.

  • Pros: Secure hold on your bottle, lightweight
  • Cons: Pricey, limited benefits over cheaper alloy options

As the name suggests, the cage is made from full carbon fibre and SKS says that the fibre structure it has used offers a higher degree of resilience compared with those that use woven carbon structures. It could make a difference when it comes to longevity over the years.

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In the here and now, though, the cage works very well indeed. The 'spring' in the carbon material allows the two arms to wrap themselves around the bottle and give a tight grip. I tried it with a range of bottles and had no issues. Even a full 750ml bottle being rattled about by fast gravel descents didn't budge at all.

It's a bit snug to get the bottles in at times, so you have to give them a bit of a push to open the cage out, but once located it's easy to use.

It's fitted to the bike via two holes that are elongated, giving you a bit of wiggle room if your bike's bosses aren't quite set at the industry standard distance.

When it comes to looks, the mix of gloss and matt black will go with most paintjobs and the slim construction doesn't look out of place on thin tubed steel bikes or chunkier carbon offerings.

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The one area carbon cages never score highly on is value. Priced at £44.99 it is the same as the Vel SL-O Carbon cage and practically weighs the same too.

They are both very good, but neither works any better than the recently tested Supacaz Fly Cage Ano, an alloy cage that only weighs 1g more for just £16.99. 

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If you really must have carbon, you can spend less – the Elite Rocko, for example, is 6g heavier and £27.99 – but the SKS Pure will serve you well and you'll have no issues with dropped bottles.

Overall, it's a quality piece of kit that looks and feels durable.


Securely holds your bottle even over rough terrain, for a price

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road.cc test report

Make and model: SKS Pure Carbon bottle cage

Size tested: n/a

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

SKS says, "PURE is one of the lightest bottle cages on the market. Not only does the full carbon design ensure a lightweight solution, but also a secure hold for all standard water bottles. Thanks to the fibre structure, the material also offers a high degree of resilience when compared with woven carbon structures. With its slender appearance, the bottle cage in a matt/glossy, stealth design will bring beauty and performance to the bike."

It does the job, I can't take that away from it.

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

material: carbon

color: black

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For holding onto your drink you can't really knock it.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Securely holds your bottle, even on gravel trails.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

It's nothing massively special for the money.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on road.cc?

Similarly priced to other carbon cages on the market.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? No, I'd stick with alloy at half the price.

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, if carbon was a must.

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It works well, but it's pricey for what it is, compared to alloy cages.

Overall rating: 7/10

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Stu knocked out his first road.cc review back in 2009 and since then he's chucked the best part of seventy test bikes around the West Country, a couple of them quite literally! With three alloy and two steel bikes in his fleet he's definitely a metal man (that'll be the engineering background) but is slowly warming to that modern carbon fibre stuff along with fat tyres & disc brakes.
It's not all nostalgia though, after spending the last few years in product design Stu keeps banging on about how 3D printing is going to be the next big thing and he's a sucker for a beautiful paint job too.


Xena [100 posts] 3 months ago

I use a carbon cage by smud, it weighs 4 grams. It works fantastic . No issues at all ,

my other bike I have a tune carbon Kevlar cage , this also weighs 4 grams .  Never had a bottle fly out ,work fantastic .


BehindTheBikesheds [3322 posts] 3 months ago

I bought a couple of Bontrager cages that weigh in at c.14g, think I paid £15-16 the pair, no doubt they are copies though they did come with the retail packaging (that means nowt these days).

That said they've been fine on my flat bar gravel bike. Best looking cages I have are Elite Inox.

robbyrob2000 [13 posts] 3 months ago

"If you really must have carbon, you can spend less – the Elite Rocko, for example, is 6g heavier and £27.99"

The ELITE Rocko is NOT a full carbon cage. If you want to save more money, you can spend less with a carbon reinforced DUAL cage from SKS for £19.99, which is 28g.