Not cheap, but well made and stylish, shame they're not a bit longer though

Heard of Curana? Maybe not, but the Belgian accessory makers have big plans. We read on their website that their "innovation strategy is 100% offensive", we're not sure if that's a good thing or not but hey, it's a bold claim. These C-Lite mudguards are stylish, robust, easy to fit... and a little bit short.

Out of the box there's no doubting that the C-Lites are a quality item. The mudguards are made from an Aluminium/composite mix and they're subtly curved with a nice matt black finish. Fitting them is simple enough; we had to take a hacksaw to the beefy stays to get the blades nice and close to the tyre but once on everything feels good and sturdy.

Venture out on the bike and there's a bit of noise from the fittings on rough surfaces, we narrowed this down to the brake bridge where the blade just pushes through the fitting rather than being fixed. A bit of tape fixed that, and other than that the C-Lites were very well behaved and the minimal look suited my Genesis very well.

One thing they're not, though – in common with other 'fashionable' mudguards, if mudguards can ever be fashionable – is very long. They could do with an extra few inches wrapping round the wheel, especially at the rear where they didn't fully stop the tyre throwing up spray. They're better than having no mudguards of course, but they could do better on that front. Maybe Curana could offer a longer version as well; the blades are stiff enough to cope.

Available in 45-50mm (tested) or 30-35mm widths for £39.99, there's also a mountain bike version. All available in black or silver.


At a copper under £50 these 'guards aren't cheap, but they're well made and well behaved on the bike. It's a pity they're not a bit longer though.

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road.cc test report

Make and model: Curana C-Lite mudguards

Size tested: 45mm

Tell us what the product is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

"Super stylish C-Lite guards are made completely of an aluminium and composite layered material. These are extremely light and strong with a clean high-tech look."

indeed they are.

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Did you enjoy using the product? Yes, bit short though

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Overall rating: 7/10

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matrs [55 posts] 8 years ago

Great review, my Rourke is crying out for guards, these are know top of the list.

handlebarcam [1324 posts] 8 years ago

I'd be interested to read a review of Axiom Paceline mudguards. They are the only alternatives to classic SKS P35s that look like they are actually trying to be better at keeping spray off you and your riding companions. All the rest seem to be designed to provide partial protection on bikes that are unsuitable for winter riding or, as in this case, intended to somehow be stylish (like anything that will be coated in road goo after a couple of rides could ever be considered attractive.)

Simon E [3844 posts] 8 years ago

I have used TorTec Chromotec mudguards on both 700c and 26" wheeled bikes and find they're ideal. Each has mudflaps on both front and rear, and they're also available with a reflective strip. Can't see why I'd want to pay twice as much for something less capable.

Goodtwist [20 posts] 8 years ago
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I've bought a set of the Curana C-Lite mudguards when transforming my hybrid into a comfy commuter bike (CUBE SL CROSS RACE 2009).

On the pro side I shall mention the looks. And they seem to fulfill their basic purpose: keeping water away from me.

However, I'm not convinced of the fixing mechanism. While the majority of mudguards producers equipe their products with two brace fixings the Curana mudguards come only with one.
And this is not enaugh for the rear mudguard stability. Add to this that the rear braces are too short; and you end up with the rear mudguar clapping onto the tire.

My verdict: 3/5  39

dave atkinson [6529 posts] 8 years ago

the single stay is pretty beefy in its defence, i didn't have any problems with the rear guard being unstable. also the stays on the test ones were long enough that i had to cut an inch from them to get them close to the tyre. so that's probably worth the extra half point from me  1

piedwagtail [11 posts] 8 years ago

ah, i have different forks on mine, racelight 12ks with a long drop. so they fitted fine at the front.

Jards [1 post] 8 years ago

Hi - I've just bought a pair of these mudguards and I also have a Genesis Equilibrium.
How did you fit the front guard - given the carbon fibre forks it's seems to be too narrow at the top and consequently catches the tyre due to a lack of clearance.
Did you have to make an alteration to the guard and if so what?