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Take a closer look at the new BMC Teammachine at the Tour de Suisse

See all the improvements on BMC's new bike from a mechanics point of view

The new BMC Teammachine - lighter, stiffer and more compliant than the previous version - has been getting some action in the Tour de Suisse and in this video you can discover the many changes and what they mean for the pro cyclists charged with racing the bike in a stage race.

Most top-end carbon fibre road bike brands, especially those involved in the WorldTour like BMC, evolve their bikes to suit the requirements of the demanding pros who hope the latest equipment will give them an edge over their rivals. 

- BMC launches new Teammachine

Stiffness is a word that commonly crops up, and while the old Teammachine didn't exactly lack in the stiffness department, BMC has through thousands of computer simulation prototypes developed a frame that it claims is stiffer, though it doesn’t put an actual number on the improvement. 

The frame is also lighter and comfort has been focused on too, thanks to a refinement of the tube profiles to balance the stiffness and compliance. Newly shaped seatstays and a compact rear triangle aim to contribute to increased seated comfort. 

Other changes that  BMC Racing Team performance mechanic Jurgen Landrie highlights as benefits are the direct mount brakes and integrated seat clamp. Of course, the other big news from the launch is the disc brake version, but it doesn't look like the team has been opting to use that bike in the Tour de Suisse. 

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