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Bianchi to team up with Ferrari for new range of top-end bikes

The legendary Italian bike and car makers will collaborate for the 'Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari' range, which will include road, mountain and e-bikes amongst others

The two brands will unveil their project at the Eurobike show in late August, and Bianchi are promising 'exciting and fascinating' results from the range. 

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There's bound to be some intricate design work and no doubt premium pricing born of this collaboration, with both Bianchi and Ferrari's R+D departments will work together equally for this new project. Under the licensing agreement the brands will produce Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari road, mountain, E-bikes, city and even kids bikes. It's not the first time Ferrari have ventured into the cycling market, as they collaborated with Colnago back in 2014 for the exclusive V1-r aero road bike, at the time Colnago's lightest ever road frame at 835g. 


Bianchi Ferrari 2.png

Bianchi Chairman Salvatore Grimaldi (left) with Ferrari's Chief Brand Manager Luca Fuso (right)  

Chair and owner of Bianchi Salvatore Grimaldi said: “We strongly desired this collaboration with Ferrari. Working together will allow us to develop new products shaped by the mix of top-class knowledge and expertise from the two parts, creating successful and innovative models just like Bianchi and Ferrari have always done”. 

We'll be seeking out some of the new bikes at the Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari presentation when we head to Eurobike between 30th August and 2nd September, so keep your eyes peeled on for previews! 


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davel | 6 years ago
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One of my favourite climbs is the cat and fiddle.

I'd always assumed that the shop called something Bianchi at the bottom of that climb in Macclesfield was a Bianchi-related bike shop. I only ever passed it on a bike, and 'bike stuff' was at the front of my mind, it being the cycling gateway to the Peaks for me. I intended to pop in if I was in Macclesfield for any other reason than bombing into the Peaks and then back home on the bike.

Found out a few years ago that Arighi Bianchi was all home furnishings and nothing to do with bikes. It doesn't sell Ferraris either.

True story.

Leviathan | 6 years ago

What colour will they be?

Gasman Jim | 6 years ago
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This is great news, because so far Bianchi's top end offerings have been just too cheap for the average cyclist.


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