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Kickstarter campaign for one-size-fits-all stem launched

Aero Swiss Design are seeking investment for a stem with interlinking blocks that can shift the position of your handlebars

The Kickstarter will run until 4th September, with Aero Design Swiss looking for 30,000 Swiss Francs (around £23,500) to bring their adjustable stem concept into full production. 

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Aero Design Swiss say their solution can be easily and quickly adjusted to make the rider the most aerodynamic they can be on the bike. The blocks within the stem, that can be moved back or forward according to the rider's preference, theoretically mean no more measuring for an optimal position every time you order new components, and quick an easy adjustment if you want to make small positional changes due to improvements or for targeting different types of events throughout the year. 

It's made from carbon fibre and the adjustment blocks have injection-moulded glass bubbles inside that are lightweight and increase strength. It weighs in at 149g, with a -17° angle for optimal aerodynamics, 50-150mm of length adjustment and 20-100mm of height adjustment. 

It's not the first time an adjustable stem system has been attempted, with Spanish brand 3Fstech's Adjustment in Motion creation for mountain bikes failing to reach its Kickstarter target back in 2015. 


The founder of Aero Design Swiss Morgan Nicol has an impressive CV, having founded Oval Concepts and worked for Zipp and Prologo previously, so we're inclined to be optimistic about the Aero Stem. Even so we're still a little puzzled by the finer details behind the concept, so here's what we want to know...

- Presuming many competitive road riders have a specific dialled in stem position on their one bike of choice, who is this it adjustable system aimed at? 

- Will the blocks be available in numerous size increments to get an exact fit to the millimetre? And what about the length of the stem itself: will this come in different stock sizes so you won't be left with lots of overhang?  

We've asked Aero Design Swiss for some answers, and will update if and when we get them. There's also no pricing confirmed yet, but a backing of 150 Swiss Francs on Kickstarter gets you one of the stems when they're ready to ship out in March 2018 at a discount of 'up to 40% on the estimated retail price': which by our calculations will make for an RRP of around 250 Swiss Francs (£195). 

Check out the Aero Design Swiss website and the Aero Stem Kickstarter page for more info.





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Beecho | 6 years ago

As alluded to above, it comes with its own wall mount


davel | 6 years ago

Yeah solution looking for a problem. Racking my brain... who needs to move their stem that much without changing any other aspects of the geometry? Would this be any use for someone with a bad back, say?

madcarew | 6 years ago

Really, I think that's an answer to a problem that doesn't exist

srchar | 6 years ago
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At that price, one of these, or a professional bike fit?


The _Kaner | 6 years ago
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Yorkshire wallet | 6 years ago
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Kickstarter. Where pointless things come to life.

don simon fbpe | 6 years ago

Good luck!

Mungecrundle | 6 years ago

If only the little knobbly bits on top just happened to be the same size as lego...

racyrich | 6 years ago
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£195 !!   I think I'll be buying a new stem instead.  Seems like overkill - most people probably only change their stem by 1cm over the course of a decade. Shame they no longer come in 5mm increments, I miss that. Then you could get all your bikes' reach to within 2.5mm of each other.

In theory you could extend a stem just by putting a spacer behind the bar and using longer bolts. Does anyone make such spacers?

Of course, messing with stems means you'll probably need new cables too.  Certainly if going longer.

The only use for this stem I can see is for velodrome hirebikes.


simonmb | 6 years ago

For bike fitting - yes. But why would you want to fit one and ride with it permanently? Unless you're expecting to grow during the course of your journey.

ClubSmed | 6 years ago

I don't see the overhang as an issue as long as you can get mounts for it

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