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Storck’s Fascenario.3 Platinum road bike costs £9,300

An expensive German bike has just arrived in the office with some big claims

​Storck’s brand new Fascenarios.3 Platinum comes with some pretty big claims, and a pretty big price tag as well. We’ve just taken delivery on the bike for review and we run through the key details in the video above.

The pictured test bike, with Shimano Ultegra Di2, Edco carbon clincher wheels, Conti tyres and Storck’s own finishing kit, and costs £9,300. If you just want the frameset on its own, well that’ll set you back £5,600. We'll let that sink in for a moment...

Storck bikes have always had a reputation for big prices, but that’s a result of company founder Markus Storck really pushing the boundaries of frame design, not accepting the conventional wisdom and creating his own innovative solutions to creating lighter and stiffer bikes than the competition.

The Fascenarios.3 Platinium is the company’s latest creation, billed boldly as “the best road bike” and pitched as an all-round model that combines high stiffness, low weight, comfort and aerodynamics.

Storck Fascenario-3 Platinum G1.jpg

A custom carbon fibre layup and careful tube profiling have resulted in a frame that weighs a claimed 840g and the fork is 330g. It’s not a dedicated aero bike, Storck has the Aerfast for the aero freaks, there are some serious aerodynamic influences in the frame design, most notably the bowed fork blades and Kamm tail shaped down tube which it calls Advanced Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping.

Comfort has been considered, and the D-profile seatpost is designed to allow a small range of saddle deflection. It’s the same story with the company’s own handlebar, which is designed to flex on just on direction, under the force of impacts travelling up through the front wheel.

That’s just a brief overview of the bike, you can read a more detailed first look from the launch last year here, and Mat Brett’s first impressions here.  Stay tuned for the full review soon.

(Yes, we didn't have a box to pull the bike out of, so improvised with a sheet...)

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