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Cycling App of the Week: MoveGB

This country-wide fitness initiative lets you pay weekly for a huge number activities at venues all over the UK, including spin classes and bike hire...

What is it? 

MoveGB has quickly gained popularity up and down the country for the freedom and flexibility it allows. There are a number of tiered options available after completing a seven day free trial, and as long as you're using venues within your price plan, usage is pretty much unlimited. You can cancel at any time, and if you're injured or going on holiday you can even take a break from your membership and claim back the unused time and credit at a later date. 


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To start using MoveGB, just download the app and key in your location. It then shows you all the activities in your area. You can search according to proximity or which activities you're looking to do, and when you've picked just book onto a session and confirm with a receptionist or instructor at your chosen venue (if you're phone has lost juice your booking can be checked with name and ID). There are plenty of spin classes available, and we've even found outdoor bike hire and group sessions available in some areas. 

move gb 2.png

As you can see above, in my locality of Bristol I can hire mountain bikes or attend spinning classes today at a number of different locations. There are endless different activities offered on MoveGB, so should you wish to cross-train there are yoga studios, swimming lakes and climbing centres all included as just three of the examples we've found. 

How can it help me? 

Although there are plenty of home-training options available now, if you like to try your hand at other sports or prefer the social aspect of spin classes then MoveGB is pretty easy to get good value out of. MoveGB often post up offers too including sporadic free guest passes, so you can even help your friends get fit too. 


What makes it unique? 

The multi-access element of MoveGB is probably the most comprehensive you can get, and means you're not tied to certain venues or franchises when you want to drop into a gym. It's also good value, and my membership options show I can pay as little as £1.25 a week for access to one gym and some running sessions. The deluxe plan is £25 a week and gives access to nearly all MoveGB partners countrywide with no additional fees. 


Where can I get it? 

You can register for activities on desktop and check with the venue reception, but the quickest way to get started is with the app. You can get it on iOS and Android, where you can sign up for a free week's trial before you start off. There's no obligation to join, but if you do you can change the payment plan, freeze or cancel your membership whenever you want to. Visit the MoveGB website for more info.  


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