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Hexlox launches one-size-fits-all modular thru-axle system

One size fits all thru-axle system developed by Hexlox

​Hexlox has launched the HexThru modular thru-axle that is claimed to be compatible with most disc-equipped road bikes on the market and offers security via optional locking nuts.

Standards for disc brakes have largely settled down with 12mm front and rear axles becoming the main choice, but there’s no actual standard for the thru-axle itself. I’ve tested many disc-equipped bikes that use different axle systems, it seems no two are the same.

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The HexThru Axle aims to change that with a choice of three sizes that thanks to a telescopic design can be adjusted to suit any width dropout easily, with instructions laser etched on the axle.

The axle has variable length and interchangeable thread to adapt to the various different thread pitches used by different thru-axle designs currently in use in the bike market.

hexlox axle2

The company also reckons its HexThru offers a performance advantage. “Performance-wise stiffness and steering responsiveness is maximised as the axle threads completely into the fork, ensuring the hub or fork sits squarely on the axle, not the thread,” it explains.

A low profile conical steel head and plastic cap protects the aluminium axle from dirt and grit.

As well as replacing a standard thru-axle, the HexThru Axle is part of Hexlox’s Bike Security System with the patented lock coming in 4, 5, 6 and 8mm sizes using coded keys.

Replacing the stock thru-axles on your disc-equipped bike might not be the most obvious upgrade, but if you’re not happy with the way your current axles work, these could be an interesting upgrade. If you ride in the city the security measure is a nice touch to prevent somebody running off with a wheel.

The HexThru Axles will cost €45 and be available in October. More at

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