Five cool things coming soon from Sidi, B'Twin, Apeman, Showers Pass and Trigger Bell

Another smorgasbord of bikes and gear we're testing at the moment, with reviews coming soon...

Another week, and another pile of kit, gadgets and bikes have flown in and out of Towers to be tested to the max by our intrepid reviewers. Here are some of the recent highlights...

Sidi Wire 2 Matt Carbon


Chris Froome's shoe brand of choice ooze Italian style, which also comes with a heft price tag of course. These latest top-of-the-range road kicks have a microfibre upper fabric from Italy that is also eco-friendly so say Sidi, and the stylish matt finish gives them that extra bit of wow factor. The shoe has a closure system that allows you to adjust the fitting on the side and tongue for the most comfortable fit possible, and the full carbon sole has a special weave pattern to maximise the stiffness while allowing for a small degree of flex in the toes to promote circulation and relieve stress on the plantar tendon. It all sounds hugely impressive, but are they worth the huge outlay? David Arthur's review is coming soon.

Apeman A80 Action Camera


This small yet mighty action camera brings 4k definition down to an affordable price point and is waterproof up to 30m should your bikepacking trips take an interesting detour. It takes photos with 20MP as well as 4K video, and has a 2 inch display with a 170 degree wide angle lens. It all comes with a carry case and two rechargeable batteries so you can capture plenty of footage on your next ride. Is it more pro than a GoPro? Who better than our video editor Matt Howes to deliver the verdict... his review is coming shortly.

Trigger Bell bike bell

The Trigger Bell is purported to be safer because it mounts next to your brake lever, meaning it's far more easy to access when you're turning or changing gear. It's brass so has a warm and clear tone that Trigger Bell say is superior to aluminium, and the zip tie-like design means it will fit any handlebar. It's patented and as far as we know is unique, but is it markedly safer to ping than a standard design? Ian Walker is  finding out now with a review coming shortly...

B'Twin Triban 100


To some, 250 quid is still a lot of money... but as we all know when we're talking bikes that's absolutely zilch, so you'd think that a bike costing as much would ride like mud, right? Well from what we've heard so far that's absolutely not the case with the B'Twin Triban 100, Decathlon's entry-level road bike with all the features that in theory should make it the ideal stepping stone to road riding, and a capable commuter too. It has a 1x drivetrain for simplicity and quality 32mm hybrid tyres so it can be taken off-road briefly too. Is this bike just too cheap, or will it do just fine for beginners? Stu Kerton, not at all a beginner but imagining he's one, will be delivering a verdict soon.

Showers Pass Ridgeline Half-Zip shirt


Half-zip shirts might look more at home on mountain bikers, but the merino blend fabric on this one from Ridgeline looks like a decent choice for long old treks whatever the terrain. It's also durable thanks to the merino being wrapped around a nylon core (so it'll be fine for machine washes) and it's also designed to fight the pong with anti-bacterial properties. Did it keep Mike Stead comfy while the showers passed? Read his review at the end of the month...

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After cobbling together a few hundred quid during his student days off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story), Jack bought his first road bike at the age of 20 and has been hooked ever since. He was Staff Writer at 220 Triathlon magazine for two years before joining in 2017, and reports on all things tech as well as editing the live blog. He is also the news editor of our electric-powered sister site eBikeTips. Jack's preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking (the latter being another long story), and on Sunday afternoons he can often be found on an M5 service station indulging in his favourite post-race meal of 20 chicken nuggets, a sausage roll, caramel shortbread and a large strawberry milkshake. 

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