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Zwift's Watopia now open all hours plus one guest world

Now you can ride Watopia all the time

Ever since it launched, Zwift hasn’t let you choose which of the worlds you can cycle in (unless you know how to hack it) but today that all changes. Zwift is making Watopia an always open world and adding a guest world alongside it, which currently includes New York, Innsbruck, London and Richmond.

Zwift has been gradually increasing the number of worlds but you don’t have to look too far to find complaints when certain worlds are used. This change is a significant one and provides more control for the user. Watopia is arguably the most popular largely due to the fact it has experienced the most development and offers a huge range of routes including an Alpe d’Huez recreation.

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When you next login to Zwift the drop-in screen will pop up and ask you which world you want to join, Watopia or a guest world. This is also where you can see the current list of active Zwifters.

Now, we do wonder if Zwift has any plans for new worlds this year. With Yorkshire hosting the world championships in September could we see a virtual course to ride around on? That would be great wouldn't it?

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