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Coming soon to a turbo trainer near you… Primal turbo shorts

New eSport Bib Short designed for indoor training enthusiasts

File this one under what will they think of next, as Primal Europe has launched “turbo trainer optimised shorts” with its new eSport Bib Short.

Primal isn’t the first to sense the opportunity to market clothing at those that like to do their riding indoors. Madison launched a line of turbo-specific clothing last year using highly breathable materials. With the rapid growth of e-racing there’s the obvious opportunity for products tailored to the specific demands of indoor cycling.

Primal Esports Bibshort-052

- How to get in to eracing

What has Primal developed then? Its new eSport Bib Shorts have been made with lightweight, fast wicking fabric to help deal with the heat generated when riding on a trainer. Primal says the lighter weave of the fabric helps to pull moisture away from the skin to keep the rider cooler.

To further help reduce sweat, it has used MARC woven leg bands which it found reduces sweat compared to laser cut hems.

Primal Esports Bibshort-068

It has also used fewer seams in the construction with four panels to better provide support for the chamois and to avoid the potential risk for irritation.

Inside the shorts is an Italian made e6 Carbon chamois which is unchanged from Primal’s regular shorts, but what Primal has looked to do is reduce the movement of the pad to improve comfort in the saddle.

Primal Esports Bibshort-086

The bib straps, called FlexBib, have “laser incisions”,  holes basically to help combat the heat that is a consequence of riding indoors, because even with the biggest fan in the world you still get properly sweaty on the turbo.

Primal worked with Welsh Cycling to develop the shorts to developed a short “short specifically designed for indoor training and competitive turbo sessions.”

Primal Esports Bibshort-064

The shorts cost £95 and are available in seven sizes, currently only for men but it has a women’s version coming soon. More at

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