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dhb's Aeron Rain Defence range: everything you need to know

It's time to layer up, and luckily there's plenty to see you through the worst of the British weather in dhb's Aeron Rain Defence range. We take a closer look at the gear itself and the tech that goes into it...

There's no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong kit... and when it's hammering it down out there, you need clothing that will keep you protected from the wind and rain while also regulating your temperature and allow sweat to escape. Luckily dhb's Rain Defence range for Autumn/Winter has you covered!

Review: dhb Aeron Rain Defence Bib Tight 
Review: dhb Aeron Rain Defence Polartec Jacket

The Aeron Rain Defence gear consists of jackets, warmers, jerseys, bib tights/shorts and a cycling cap, available for both men and women and all designed to be ideal for changeable rides in tough conditions. dhb have made use of hi-tech fabrics from well respected experts Polartec and Schoeller to ensure the quality is top notch throughout the range. Here's some more info about the technology that goes into the kit...  

What is Polartec?

rain defence 2.JPG

The Power Shield Pro fabric from Polartec is what makes the Rain Defence gear so versatile, enabling it to offer serious weather protection and breathability in one. It features a micro-porous membrane and a weather-repelling exterior that's designed to be durable. Polartec say of their fabric: "By re-engineering our dense knit multi-component fabric, we developed an even stronger balance between warmth and breathability while drastically increasing the inherent ability to repel water."

dhb rain defence autumn winter 19 2

On the inside of the Polartec-infused products, dhb have used a grid structure to increase both thermal and wicking properties to make sure it breathes while also keeping you warm. The outer is also highly wind and water resistant, which could be the difference between you getting out the door and deciding against it if you don't have the right kit ensemble for the conditions; so advanced fabrics such as Polartec's Power Shield Pro are well worth the investment in our book.  

Schoeller PU foam and Nanosphere Durable Water Repellent Treatment


Polyurethane (PU) isn't your standard choice for making cycling gear; but dhb say Schoeller's PU foam with its unique bonding process should provide you with a fine balance of windproofing, water resistance, breathability and stretch in the Aeron Rain Defence bib tights. Whereas a laminated fabric is likely to block wind flow completely, the PU foam should allow a small amount of air to pass through so you can stay comfortable riding at a higher intensity. 

Rain Defence Asset 13

Schoeller's NanoSphere durable water repellent (DWR) treatment stops rain and road spray from saturating the exterior of the fabric, and is also oil repellent as well as being waterproof. Unlike some DWR coatings that have to be renewed after a few washes, Schoeller say theirs can last up to 50. With the right care, you can also reactivate it with heat treatment in the dryer or by ironing on a low heat to make it last even longer.  

Products in the range

Finally, here's everything in the Rain Defence range with a little bit of info and prices...

Aeron Rain Defence Polartec Jacket

RRP £130

dhb Aeron rain defence jersey-6.jpg

The Aeron Rain Defence jacket features the Power Shield Pro fabric from Polartec, and features a dropped tail for protection from road spray, a high neck to keep the wind and rain out, and four rear pockets, including one that's zipped and one that's specifically designed to carry a pump. The pockets also have 'storm covers' that covers the tops and prevents water from beading up on the back of the jacket. It has plenty of stretch for extra comfort but is meant to fit close to the body without feeling restrictive. Recommended temps are between 8-14c, but with the right base layer you'll probably be fine when it's a little colder too. 

Aeron Rain Defence short-sleeved jersey

RRP £110.00


Available in a wide array of colours for men and women, the Rain Defence jersey features all of the advanced Polartec fabric but with short sleeves if you've prefer to accessorise with arm warmers in milder temperatures. It's also got the four rear pockets, with one of them sized for carrying a mini-pump, a full-length YKK zipper and a dropped tail to keep the road spray away.  

Aeron Rain Defence bib tights

RRP £100

dhb Aeron Rain Defence tights-2.jpg

Also available to both men and women, the Rain Defence bib tights have Schoeller's innovative Nanosphere Water Repellent Treatment inside, and a PU foam also developed by Schoeller  providing a flexible alternative to similar weatherproof fabrics used on cycling bib tights. They're ideal for winter rides when you're training hard, and you don't want to compromise between weather protection, flexibility and breathability. The Nanosphere DWR coating should last you for up to 50 washes, taking you through a hard winter's training and beyond. 

Aeron Rain Defence bib shorts

RRP £85.00

dhb rain defence bib shorts

When it's not quite cold enough for long tights, the Rain Defence bib shorts paired with some leg warmers should do the trick. They feature the same Paris HP chamois pad from Italian experts Elastic Interface, which is made with ultra-high density foam that is placed under the sit bones to ensure a comfortable ride all day long. 

Aeron Rain Defence cycling cap

RRP 28.00


To keep the rain from seeping between your helmet vents, the Rain Defence cap will keep your head warm and dry. It's completely waterproof thanks to its membrane and has fully taped seams. 

Aeron Rain Defence leg, knee and arm warmers

dhb Aeron Rain Defence Leg Warmers

Featuring flexible, breathable and weatherproof fabrics and available in small, medium and large sizes, the Rain Defence leg warmers (£35), knee warmers (£28) and arm warmers (£25) will give you that extra protection from the elements when it's too chilly to leave your limbs exposed. 

For more information and to shop the range, you can head over to the dhb landing pages on Wiggle or Chain Reaction Cycles

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