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Are these the world's most expensive mudguards? No. 22’s titanium mudguards are being sold for over £800

Raw, one-colour anodised, fade anodised or polished? You can choose the finish of these mudguards that are made from a single sheet of titanium... and for that price it's just as well

The No. 22 Bicycle Company is selling its full-length titanium polished mudguards for road and gravel riding for a staggering $1,100 (~£814). If a raw finish is what you’re after that’s a little cheaper at a mere $900 (~£665).


The American brand is known for its custom titanium bikes, and also produces a small range of titanium accessories including a titanium-bodied Silca Impero Frame pump ($399, or around £295) and a titanium seatpost topper. 

It’s now ventured into premium mudguards which are available in both road and gravel widths: the road version will fit most 28mm tyres, and the gravel ones most 35mm tyres. 

Rolled from a single sheet of titanium with clean edges on all sides, No. 22 promises its offering is incredibly strong and light; although the brand doesn’t provide details on the weight on its website. 


They’re also undeniably beautiful, with each width available in a range of finishes: raw ($900, ~£665), one-colour anodised ($1,000, ~£740), fade anodised ($1,100, ~£814), or high polish ($1,100, £814).

Mudguards are usually a practical purchase for a winter warrior. Fitting them is an easy way to make riding through grim weather a lot more pleasant for you and your riding buddies. But with an increasing number of bikes now with mounts and clearance for full-length mudguards, is this just the beginning of stylish premium guards? 

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Previously the most expensive full-length option we’ve rated highly are the Kinesis Fend Off Full Metal mudguards, which have a RRP of just £55. This means that in terms of sheer expensiveness, No. 22's guards are considerably more off-the-scale than the Silca Sicuro Cerakote Titanium bottle cage that caused a bit of a stir in our reviews section recently. The £90 price tag makes it just 30% more than the next-dearest bottle cage we've ever reviewed, which gives you an idea of how ultra premium No. 22'S new mudguards are. 

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How much would you be happy to spend on mudguards that match the style of your bike?

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