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Is the Sava 'Dream-Maker' aero bike with its curious dual-fork an East Asian bargain? Plus bar tape meets saddle tech, Enve's new all-road bike, the latest protective bike clothing + loads more tech news

An unknown bike brand takes aero design to new heights (according to the quite peculiar product description), and there's new stuff from Cycliq, Chris King, Quoc and Black Inc in this week's tech round-up

It's time to go through the top tech stories of the week, and this time we've got plenty as per usual. We're kicking off with the Chinese brand Sava's 'Dream-Maker' aero bike that has a doubled up on its fork design, there's a new all-road bike from Enve, innovative bar tape from Prologo and more things from Black Inc, Cycliq, Chris King, Quoc and ThruDark.

Will this budget aero bike make your dreams come true with its two-part fork design? 

Sava Stjarn carbon roadbike funky fork from the front

Aero-optimised road bikes can be quite baffling with their drag-minimising looks, and this Sava Stjarn 8.0 – or "Dream-Maker", as the Chinese brand has dubbed it – is said to be a "breakthrough in traditional bicycle design". This bike, retailing for £4,099, is arguably quite attractively-priced, but it's the dual fork that makes it even more interesting.

The Stjarn features a peculiar-looking setup at the front. It first looks nothing out of the ordinary, but looking at the fork, you can spot the additional blades on either side of the head tube. These blades start from the fork crown, and curve along the bottom of the handlebars, disappearing underneath the handlebar tape. 

It might seem counter-intuitive to add all this material, but in the quest for aero, Sava isn't alone in adopting this kind of design. Last year Look revealed the P24 track bike with two seatposts  and we're still trying to figure out the intended discipline of this Eidolon BR-RTS e-bike. It features a similar fork design to that of the Stjarn, and there's arguably some resemblance to this Factor Vis Vires road bike we reviewed back in 2015.

Sava Stjarn carbon roadbike funky fork 2

In very basic terms, the wider fork design should essentially smoothen airflow from the front over the legs and thighs, but by integrating the whole thing with the handlebars (details are scarce on how exactly that's been done), the bike is a strange blend of those wide-forked bikes we've mentioned and the Cervelo S5.  

Sava also says the rest of the bike has been optimised for minimal drag and maximum comfort, which means all the cables are neatly tucked away. The bike comes equipped with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-speed groupset, carbon wheels (with 'Slice' branding) and IRC Jetty tyres. The whole bike should weigh 7.4kg, according to Sava. 

What do you think of this design? Going through the whole product description is quite entertaining if you want to have a look at the below link, which we suspect may be Google translate-related... 

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Enve unveils the Fray endurance road bike


Enve has released the Fray endurance all-road bike, which essentially bridges the gap between the brand's race-specific Melee and gravel-oriented MOG. The Fray is said to have been designed to "redefine the boundaries of road cycling" (as they all do) and boasts 40mm tyre clearance, down tube frame storage and "progressive endurance geometry". Does it all sound too familiar? Well, those are also the claims attached to the BMC Roadmachine that was released earlier this week

> What is an all-road bike? 

Anyway, back to gthe Enve Fray: Jake Pantone, VP of Product and Brand at ENVE, summarised the new bike: "At its core, the Fray is a performance road bike with unmatched versatility. Whether it's weekend rides or cross-country adventures, the Fray is the 'right' bike for any occasion."

The Fray blends features from the Melee and the MOG, such as the aerodynamic tube shapes, lightweight construction, and ride quality, according to ENVE. The geometry allows for 31 to 40mm tyres to be fitted – the MOG can take up to 50mm, and the Melee is limited to 35mm. Another aspect that is taken from the MOG is the ENVE Cargo Bay, a little storage hatch integrated into the downtube, and top tube mounts for a bag. 


Fit and geometry are an area that ENVE said it has paid special attention to, and the Fray continues to come in seven sizes from 47 to 60cm with size-specific geometry and trail numbers.  


There are three colour options: Ash, Venom, and Salt. There are no set builds for the bike, but instead it's sold as a 'Chassis' package option which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seatpost, which the customer chooses according to their specific needs.

The Enve Fray Chassis is available now and retails for £5,500 for the frameset.

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Prologo incorporates saddle and glove tech in its Onetouch 3D handlebar tape

Team Bahrain Victorious - Charly Lopez - 04

Prologo has introduced its patented CPC technology (a system that "ensures performance and comfort providing vibration absorbing, grip and position stability") to handlebar tapes with the launch of the Onetouch 3D.

The Onetouch 3D tape features a three-dimensional design with cone-shaped elastomer nano-structures, manufactured using a new injection process. The embossed surface brings the tape's thickness to 3.5mm, which should improve riding comfort by absorbing vibrations from the front wheel, even on rougher surfaces. 

Prologo Onetouch 3D - @mattiaragni - 11

Prologo also says the tape's new material makes it highly durable, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The tape comes in one black colourway only, and in 2000mm length with a weight of 129g per pair. 

And if that wasn't enough, Prologo said the tape has been tested in the classics by World Tour teams such as EF Education - Easypost, Bahrain Victorious, UAE Team Emirates, Astana Qazaqstan, and Intermarchè Wanty.

The Onetouch 3D tape comes with a price tag of £43.

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Cycliq brings out Fly6 Pro camera

Cycliq Fly6 Pro

Fly6 Pro is the latest offering from Cycliq, a brand known for its bike cameras and safety lights. This device claims to take safety to the next level with its cutting-edge features designed to enhance visibility and record your rides with 4K clarity and electronic image stabilisation. 

You also get Instant Replay and 5GHz WiFi Transfer, which means it's easy to transfer and review the footage easily through the brand's CycliqPlus app.

> Best bike cameras


Cycliq Fly6 Pro studio shot

We've reviewed the previous Fly6 Gen 3 camera, and were impressed by its image quality, but less so with the battery life... especially when using the light function. The Fly6 Pro continues to double up a rear light and features a dual LED system with a 100-lumen output. This newest version comes "largest battery in its class" – with a 7h claimed running time. It's also IP67 certified, meaning it's water-resistant and dustproof. 

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Quoc introduces Escape Road Lace shoes


We cannot critique Quoc for a lack of new shoes - the brand has been at it over the last few weeks with brand-new kicks. The latest addition is the Escape Road Lace pair, which the brand said "takes the comfort and performance of the dial shoe and combines it with an elegant, laced aesthetic. With a carbon composite outsole that optimally balances stiffness and comfort, this ultra-distance road shoe is not sensitive to the odd section of unpredictable terrain."

We don't have to go into the nitty-gritty details of the shoes here, because we've actually already reviewed the pair and you can read the full review here. The 4.5/5 score perhaps speaks for itself but if I may say, I do wish they introduced a couple of smaller sizes to the range for us small-footed riders…  

The shoes are available now for a price of £130. 

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Chris King releases AeroSet 1 & 2 to enhance internal routing possibilities

Chris King aeroset headset

In response to the growing demand for full internal routing solutions (whether we like it or not), Chris King has introduced two new headsets – AeroSet 1 and AeroSet 2. The brand says these headsets aim to expand internal routing options for a broader range of frames, and also simplify the servicing of them - in essence, they should make it easier for you to convert your non-integrated bike's front end into a cable-less beauty. That is, if you have ENVE or FSA internal cable system on your bike. 

"With AeroSet, we've aimed to minimise the perceived challenges of servicing internally routed frames, while also reducing the frequency of service and adjustments required compared to conventional headsets," Greg Hudson, sales manager at Chris King, said. 

> Has the move to full internal cable routing on road bikes been worth it? We asked some experts to weigh in on cycling's cable-tidy revolution

AeroSet 1 is designed to fit headtubes with IS52/IS52 upper and lower bearings, while AeroSet 2 offers compatibility with a lower bearing specification of 36x45 degrees.

Key to the new AeroSets is Chris King's GripLock technology, a patented system that safeguards the fork's steerer tube from excessive preload and protects the headset bearings from shock loads during rides. The design should also alleviate issues such as loose headsets on long-travel mountain bikes and reduce fatigue on lightweight carbon steerer tubes.

MOG AeroSet-11

Similar to King's established DropSet series, AeroSet 1 and 2 are integrated headsets, and both models utilise the AeroSet 3-bearing cap, introduced in 2022, which is compatible with 44mm press-in cups.

The headsets are available in a range of colours, and the AeroSet 1 and 2 will retail at $295 (£235) for steel bearings and $415 for ceramic bearings. 

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ThruDark ventures into cycling apparel with 'Force Cadence', featuring protective Dyneema tech

Cadence_road jersey_road bib shorts_ Studland_Sean (24)

ThruDark is perhaps not that well known for cyclists, but the British outdoor clothing brand is aiming to reach that audience too with the launch of its cycling range, Force Cadence. Inspired by one of the founder's "Talisman Triathlon" journey, the new lineup is an extension of its existing Force Activewear collection and includes tops and bottoms for road and MTB riding. 

As the brand itself said on the new lineup's landing page: "A series of infinitesimal moments as man and machine meet man and nature. Gravity and velocity generate both exhilaration and fear creating the illusion of control despite the reality of futility. Body and mind unite, creating experience."

Make what you will of that… but anyway, the collection is only available for men. 


ThruDark has chosen to use Italian fabrics for the garments, and much like brands such as Bioracer, Castelli and Santini, it has decided to reinforce the Force Cadence Bib Shorts with Dyneema, a synthetic fibre known for its durable nature that can save you from a few scuffs in case of a fall. 

Acknowledging that cycling clothing can (or could, if the claims are to be believed) protect you from the worst wounds in crashes is something that apparel brands are pushing - just last week Bioracer said it can make clothing that reduces the impact of crashes – but pro cyclists don’t want it. With that, it's interesting to see a smaller brand such as ThruDark incorporate the fabric in its first cycling collection. 

The range is available on ThruDark's website now, and prices range from £125 for the jerseys to £135 for the shorts and bib shorts. 

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Black Inc unveils 48|58 wheelset for "top-end speed and performance"

Black Inc 48I58 wheels on Factor Ostro Vam

Black Inc, the component manufacturer affiliated with Factor Bikes, has revealed its newest 48|58 wheelset. Engineered in conjunction with Factor's OSTRO VAM racing bike, the 48|58 is a fusion of low weight, stiffness, and aerodynamic prowess, according to Black Inc.

Black Inc says the road wheelset has been developed with extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation, validated in the wind tunnel, and field-tested by pro riders. The 23mm internal rim width has been paired with a mini-bead hook rim has been optimised for 28mm tubeless and clincher tyres. The rims are laced to high-flange hubs with Black Inc + CeramicSpeed WT bearings and carbon fibre spokes.

Black Inc 48I58 rim detail

The rim design has a shallower 48mm rim section for the front wheel and a deeper 58mm rim section for the rear wheel to boost stability, according to Black Inc. 

The Black Inc 48|58 wheelset comes with Shimano HG and SRAM XDR freehub options, with the claimed weight being 1,290g. The wheelset retails for £2,899. 

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Ever wondered what different Shimano rear derailleurs sound like? 

Well, if you want to find out – Cycle Exchange has done a video showing you all of them from 105 up to Dura-Ace. Some are suggesting a different cassette would make a difference… what's your preferred shifting soundtrack? 

Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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Fairly hard to avoid "supporting the Chinese economy" when buying a carbon bike, whatever brand it says on the down tube.

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Do you want to support the Chinese economy given e.g. Chinese support for Russian military expansion?

Yeah just like the english government supporting the zionists committing genocide.

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