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Velocio's "compostable" cycling socks, plus more cool socks + mitts from Castelli, GripGrab, Maap and Galibier

Summer socks and mitts are now hot commodities, and we’re testing out these five to see if they're any good

The summer weather is here in the Northern Hemisphere; for many cyclists, that means sweaty feet and hands. Nobody wants their feet to be uncomfortably moist on a ride, or their hands to slip on the hoods because that sweat makes everything slick. Not all socks and mitts are created equal, so we’re testing some of the top contenders to find out which ones are the best from Velocio, Castelli, GripGrab, Maap and Galibier. 

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Before we dive in, if you're after the socks we've already reviewed, there's a whole archive of them. We've also just recently updated our best cycling socks buyers guide, which lists the best of the best. 

Now, let's have a look at these socks and mitts we've got in for testing in the scorching temperatures...

GripGrab Lightweight SL summer socks - £15.95

2023 GripGrab Lightweight SL Summer Socks.jpg

We’ve tested quite a lot of winter and wet weather kit from the Danish brand GripGrab, and now we’ve got their lightweight summer socks in. 

These SL socks come in 10 different colours with very minimal branding, making it easy to pair these socks with the rest of your outfit. 

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The socks feature a classic length and are made of a high-wicking and soft Coolmax yarn that the brand says is ideal for cycling in muggy conditions. The open mesh zones further aid breathability, and the seamless toe closure should add comfort. 

There are four sizes available for feet from EU 35 to 47. 

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Castelli Premio 18 Socks - £26

2023 Castelli Premio 18 Socks - 1.jpg

Castelli claims the Premio 18 Socks are actually a little bit more than just socks, saying they actually “safeguard your foot health” and “help you forget your feet and concentrate on the road”. 

The Premio 18s feature a 200-needle construction that adds stretch to create a perfect fit, and a multiple-structure knit is used to ensure optimal performance in every part of the sock.

In practice, this should mean that the mid-foot band is reinforced to stabilise your arch and the ball of the foot is cushioned, with each sock formed to perfectly fit the shape of the foot. Castelli also says that the Meryl Skinlife fabric used on these socks neutralises the natural bacteria on your skin to minimise odour, and help you to finish your ride feeling fresh and clean.

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Maap Training Sock - £18

2023 MAAP Training Sock - 1.jpg

Maap’s training sock is not exactly a summer sock, but it’s good for those early morning or late evening rides when the temperatures are a little lower. 

The mid-weight sock features a dynamic arch support, padded toes for comfort and soft mesh fabric on the top and sides for ventilation. Maap says the mesh fabrics paired with Q-Skin technology offer breathability, moisture-wicking qualities and antimicrobial properties. 

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These socks should also be abrasion resistant if you enjoy the odd gravel ride, and the materials are Certified Standard 100 by Oeko Tex which means that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

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Velocio Signature Eco sock - £20

2023 Velocio Signature Eco Sock - 2.jpg

Velocio’s Signature Eco sock is truly what the name suggests: eco. In fact, these socks will likely disappear with your compost in no time, according to Velocio’s yarn suppliers at Rhodia. 

There are no standard tests for textiles to measure their biodegradability, but the Amni Soul Eco yarn is pioneering on this front and Velocio says this soft sock represents its “commitment to pushing the limit of what's possible for sustainability”. 

Not only is this sock biodegradable, but it’s also ultralight, compressive, breathable, super soft and lightly padded, and available in a black and white colourway. 

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Galibier Zephyr All Surface Mitts - £28.90

2023 Galibier Zephyr All Surface Mitts.jpg

Lastly, we have this pair of Galibier mitts. As the brand says; “your hands are the crucial contact point on loose surfaces”. 

These Zephyr knitted mitts are highly breathable but feature an AX Suede anti-slip palm ensuring your hands should not slip. The mitt is made with a light, high-stretch knitted fabric which removes the need for a velcro fastening to maintain a perfect fit. The padding is light and focused to protect the ulnar nerve (running from the side of your palm to the shoulder) without losing the handlebar feel. 

And for summer riding, Galibier has added palm perforations and mesh finger inserts that prevent your hands from getting clammy - and when you need to wash these, you can simply throw them in the washing machine. 

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