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The bonk prevention edition! Five cool things coming soon from Rapha, Supersapiens, Juice Lubes, Suunto and Spoked

Check out the latest and coolest gear we have on test right now, with full reports on the way…

We've all 'hit the wall' or cracked pretty badly when out on a ride, so this week's highlights from our bulging pile of bikes, kit and gear on test might help prevent that so-called bonk.

The Supersapiens glucose monitoring system to fend off running out of gas, Suunto's heart rate monitor to see how much effort you're putting in, the Spoked Training app to "train smarter", Rapha's long-sleeve jersey to ward off the cold and a chain cleaner from Juice Lubes... because no one likes a squeaky chain! 

Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System and Energy Band Version Zero

£130/28 days

2022 Supersapiens

Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System and Energy Band Version Zero is a glucose biosensor that streams your glucose data to the Supersapiens app in real time. 

The energy band is a one-off purchase costing €159 (around £137) and the monitoring system priced at £130 for 28 days comes with 2 two biosensors – each one lasting 14 days. 

2022 Supersapiens Energy Band Version Zero - Libre Sense Biosensore.jpg

Supersapiens says: "This is for those who are looking to dial in their personal nutrition, increase energy, reduce inflammation, promote recovery, sustain performance, and know exactly whats going on inside their bodies."

You are able to visualise how everything impacts your glucose levels, every minute of the day with the aim of learning how to turn your data into positive behaviour changes.

2022 Supersapiens Energy Band Version Zero.jpg

It currently integrates with Garmin, TrainingPeaks and Apple Health. Check back in a couple of weeks to see if Jamie agrees that you will "never bonk again" after using this.

Suunto Smart Heart Rate Belt 


2022 Suunto Heart Rate Belt 2.jpg

Using a heart rate monitor allows you to monitor the intensity you're riding at, and Suunto says its Smart Heart Rate Belt "provides accurate heart rate data without compromising comfort." 

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It is compatible with Bluetooth smart devices and suitable for multiple sports including swimming, with 30m water resistance. 

2022 Suunto Heart Rate Belt 1.jpg

The strap is adjustable and washable and comes in sizes S (56-82 cm), M (70-110 cm) and L (96-160 cm).

Spoked Training App 


2022 Spoked Training App

The best cycling training apps help provide structure to your riding. Spoked says it is your personalised cycling coach, helping you "build your knowledge base and learn the finer details of cycling."  

It claims to combine the personalised nature of a cycling coach and the accessibility of an app into a smart plan for any level of fitness and goals. 

Based on your training performances every session is personalised to you, so hopefully bonking won't be a frequent occurrence!

Rapha Men's Brevet Long Sleeve Jersey 


2022 Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve Infinium Jersey.jpg

Admittedly, this isn't directly going to prevent you from bonking... but Rapha says this long-sleeve jersey is recommended for cold conditions, and staying warm on long endurance rides is key to not cracking. 

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This jersey also features high-vis stripes around the chest and a reflective armband "for high visibility." 

2022 Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve Infinium Jersey - back.jpg

There are three large cargo pockets offering "ample storage for essentials"; plenty of room for ride snacks to test out the Supersapiens system.

Dirt Juice Boss in a Can, Chain Cleaner


2022 Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Boss in a Can Chain Cleaner

Again, not a bonking prevention tool, but no one likes hearing their own - or someone else's - squeaky chain! 

There are lots of gains to be made from a clean drivetrain with reports of 1-2% power losses from a grubby chain. 

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Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Boss In A Can works as a spray-on drivetrain degreaser which they say will "restore it to box-fresh, ready for a fresh coat of lube." See what Dave has to say in the next couple of weeks about whether this really does send "oily, greasy grime packing."

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing the cash, check out our buyer's guides.

Emily is our track and road racing specialist, having represented Great Britain at the World and European Track Championships. With a National Title up her sleeve, Emily has just completed her Master’s in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University where she raced for Elite Development Team, Loughborough Lightning.

Emily is our go-to for all things training and when not riding or racing bikes, you can find her online shopping or booking flights…the rest of the office is now considering painting their nails to see if that’s the secret to going fast…

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SimoninSpalding | 1 year ago

Why has Rapha put the reflective stuff only on one sleeve? And the wrong one for the UK at that.
Yet more style over substance for the chronically overpaid?

quiff replied to SimoninSpalding | 1 year ago

It's a fair question, but the left-arm only stripe has been a Rapha signature for many years. FWIW I love the few bits of Rapha kit I have (for style and substance), but I've never paid full price for them.

aegisdesign replied to SimoninSpalding | 1 year ago

It's the correct sleeve if you want to be seen from the side while passing a junction on your left.

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