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Fizik reveals even lighter Vento Argo 00 short-nosed saddle for racers, at just 139g

Designed for improved stability in aggressive positions, the Vento Argo 00 features a full carbon fibre shell and one-piece mobius loop rail to keep the weight low

Fizik is launching the "lightest ever" version of its Vento Argo saddle, that aims to deliver maximum stiffness and minimal weight with a short-nose design for improved stability while in more aggressive, aero riding positions.

fizik Vento Argo 00 4

At just 139g (for the wider 150mm size), the new Vento Argo 00 is now the lightest option in the Argo racing range, utilising a high-modulus, full-carbon fibre shell and one-piece mobius loop rail to deliver stiffness and low weight.

fizik Vento Argo 00 2

“The low-profile, injected EVA padding offers supreme comfort whilst also shaving off precious grams for performance-focused riders,” Fizik adds. 

fizik Vento Argo 00 6

This saddle is designed for those who like to ride in an aggressive position without moving around much. “Featuring a versatile, short-nosed design to place riders in a more planted position, Argo offers a superior platform for effective power transfer to the pedals,” says Fizik. 

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“The purposeful shape of its design helps cyclists achieve a better riding posture as the dropped nose supports the pubic ramus when the pelvis rotates forward to add power or to get more aero."

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fizik Vento Argo 00 3

The short length of 265mm allows riders to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive areas. It’s worth noting that this length is longer than some short nosed saddles though. The Specialized Power Expert is 240mm, for instance, and the Prologo Dimension Nack is 245mm.

For relieving discomfort, the Argo 00 has a large, central ergonomic cut-out which Fizik says was developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts, and has been included to reduce physical pressure when riding in aggressive, aero positions.

fizik Vento Argo 00 1

As well as the new lightweight offering, the Vento Argo is available in the R1 version (£179.99) with 10x7mm carbon rails and in an R3 model (£129.99) with round 7mm hollow Kium (alloy steel) rails.

The R1 weighed in at 186g and the R3 244g, and so the weight of 139g for the new 00 version is a significant drop. 

How do the Argo models feel to ride? Mat tested the R1 and concluded: “As long as you're happy not shifting your position much during rides, it offers plenty of comfort and a high quality build at a decent weight.” You can read his full review on the second tier R1 model here.

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Compared to other short-nosed saddles, the Argo 00 is very light. The £199.99 Prologo Dimension Nack weighs 157g and the more expensive Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle (£259.90) weighs 169g.

And, while it is very light compared to other short-nosed saddles, the Argo 00 is not even nearly the lightest saddle you can buy. Back in January 2020, Liam's bottom was lucky enough to grace the elegant Tune Skyracer, weighing a ridiculously light 66g... and he even reckoned it was surprisingly comfortable!

Available in two widths, 140mm and 150mm, the Vento Argo 00 is now on sale, priced at £275. 

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TheBillder | 2 years ago
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What is Mobius (Mobial?) about the rails being made in a continuous loop? Is it a single surface structure? Does it have the requisite twist?

Perhaps I'm on the cusp of an inflection point of orders of magnitude decimation of pedantry. Or perhaps this is my unlicensed door mirror moment.

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