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Komoot launches Live Tracking for added confidence when exploring

Useful extra details include showing the route being followed and an estimated arrival time that can all be shared with friends and family…

A new Live Tracking feature has been added to the Premium package of Komoot’s outdoor app for exploring and heading on adventures with added confidence.

2021 komoot live tracking 6

Live Tracking allows users to share their location with friends and family whilst recording a Tour. Komoot promises the feature is easy-to-use and can be enabled or disabled with a simple flick of a switch.

2021 komoot live tracking 1

The new safety feature is said to let users share their location in real-time from the road or trail, as well as extra safety insights such as the route they’re following, their expected time of arrival and phone battery level. Komoot says this information provides “real peace of mind” as friends and family can see how you’re doing and when they should expect you home.

2021 komoot live tracking 3

“Cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts can explore with an added level of confidence, and share the peace of mind they experience with family and friends,” says Komoot.

For minimum phone battery consumption, the Live Tracking feature only sends high accuracy location updates when a user’s friends or family are watching.

2021 komoot live tracking 4

Users can manage who can see their location by sending a link to anyone worldwide and are also able to make close friends into safety contacts for added convenience.

“Komoot then takes care of letting these folks know when they head outdoors and grants them automatic access to the user’s live location,” the brand explains.

2021 komoot live tracking 2

This new feature is only available on Komoot’s subscription based Premium package, costing £59.99 a year. Other paid for features include personal collections, on-tour weather, sport-specific maps, multi-day planner and privileged pricing.

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