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Moots unveils Vamoots RCS titanium road bike for 40th anniversary

A new carbon fork and redesigned 3D printed dropouts feature on this new road offering from the American titanium specialists

US titanium frame manufacturers Moots has launched a brand new Vamoots RCS which it describes as "a modern titanium road bike with high-volume tyres". It is designed to “handle just about anything”, while keeping a classic road aesthetic.

“The bike is ideally suited to cover a mix of ever changing surfaces; smooth pavement, rougher chipseal, and well-maintained dirt roads that are common road fare in Routt County [Colorado], the home of Moots,” say the titanium frame specialists.

Vamoots RCS Factory 14

The RCS stands for Routt County Special as the bike is one for the riding territory the brand’s employees grind up on every ride.

Vamoots RCS Factory 11

Moots’ double butted RSL titanium tubing is at the heart of the Vamoots RCS. The butting is specified to each frame size for “strength and ride quality”.

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The tubes are said to be “precisely mitered to allow for full tack welding before being finished with a second-pass 6/4 titanium alloy weld for added durability and the renowned ‘stack-of-dimes’ appearance”.

Vamoots RCS Factory 10

The 3D printed dropouts, which have been a signature feature across Moots’ range, have been redesigned for improved rear axle and disc brake alignment.

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A new carbon fork caters for wider tyres up to 35mm, as well as redesigned seat stays and chain stays.

Vamoots RCS Factory 15

Handcrafting custom fit bikes since 1981, this year Moots is celebrating its 40th anniversary so, alongside every other frame model produced this year, the Vamoots RCS will come complete with a special edition head badge commemorating the brand’s heritage.

Vamoots RCS Factory 04

The Di2 specced model comes in at £6,900, while the mechanical alternative is £6,600.

The Moots UK distributor is

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Recoveryride | 3 years ago
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Oooh. I don't really need a car, do I?

Metalfan1 | 3 years ago
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What this news story doesn't tell you that 6 thousand odd quid is just a frame set price so getting nearer 10 grand by the time it is built with decent kit!

Chris Hayes | 3 years ago

I've always wanted to fly to CO, buy a Moots and cycle home... I still might.  

Dingaling replied to Chris Hayes | 3 years ago
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Didn't you comment recently that you abandoned a ride across the US because you found the roads too dangerous in NY state? I was surprised by the comment because in 2012 I rode with a mate from Montreal to Miami and rode the length of NY state from the Canadian border to Binghamton and never had any sense of danger on the roads.

Now back to this thread. A superb looking bike and cheaper than I would have guessed for this make. I have a tour plan for Colorado and was supposed to ride it last year but we know what happened to travel plans so now I'm hoping I can go this summer. Doing it on this Moots is a very attractive idea.

Chris Hayes replied to Dingaling | 3 years ago

I did! But that was from NY City heading west. The roads were appalling and I had more than a few very close passes.  

I've regretted abandoning the ride since, and have often thought about riding over there...I just wouldn't know where to start and stop. Best of luck for the Summer.  Load it up on Strava and send updates!

andystow replied to Chris Hayes | 3 years ago

There are quite a few established routes available from the ACA (Adventure Cycling Association.) ACA is a bit like Sustrans. They use trails and low traffic roads as much as they can. Chicago to New York looks nice. Then do Bicycle Route 66 if you want to cross the country.

You can buy the electronic, or sometimes paper, maps, from them, which is a major source of funding for the organization.

Blackthorne | 3 years ago

Gorgeous. And what a mad world we live in when I looked at the  £6,900 price tag and thought, eh, that's not too bad! Could get two of these for the price of a plastic Aethos!

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