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Morvélo relaunches F**k Cancer socks with all profits donated to charity

So far £35k has been raised, with all profits going to Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and St Gemma's Hospice

Sussex-based cycling clothing apparel brand Morvélo has restocked its F*ck Cancer socks with 1000 pairs now available. All profits made will be donated to Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and St Gemma's Hospice, to build on the £35k that has already been raised.

Morvélo F- Cancer 4

Morvélo started producing these European made, GOTS certified, high performance socks in 2016 after Singletrack’s deputy editor Jenn Hill cruelly died of cancer in 2015, aged only 37.

“Before she relocated to Yorkshire, she lived in Brighton, home too of Morvélo,” says the brand. “Needless to say, they rode and raced at lot together back in those days, even after her migration North.

Morvélo F- Cancer 2

“As well as a seasoned mechanic and experienced cycling journalist, Jenn was a hardened singlespeeder, 24 hour soloist and Great Divide racer. This Banff to New Mexico 2745 mile event was the pioneer of ultra-endurance bikepacking.

“She was so fast, not only was she on course to smash the women's Great Divide singlespeed record, but also the men’s until a bout of giardia took her out for a couple of miserable days. But it’s a mark of her character that she carried on, finished in a still extraordinary time.”

Morvélo F- Cancer 3

Priced at £10, Morvélo warns the socks sell out fast, which for fundraising is wonderful news. 

More stock will follow, but for now, “dive in there, grab and pair and tell the world where cancer can shove it,” says Morvélo.

Get yourself a pair at

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andyp | 2 years ago
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Ace. Always lots of comments when I wear mine out on the bike, and I wore them for every session of chemo too. Here's to lots more money for these causes.

pmurden | 2 years ago
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Brilliant I get asked questions/complimented on mine everytime I wear them. Plus what an awesome cause too. Great work Morvelo!

jurassicjay | 2 years ago

I was saddened to see that my most recent Morvelo purchase wasn't sent from Brighton, as previous purchases were, but instead came from somewhere in the cold, dark north. I subsequently learnt that Morvelo sold out to an ecommerce group last year,  called The Hut Group, so no longer a Sussex based brand (as this article states) nor even a cycling company.

Morvelo replied to jurassicjay | 2 years ago

We have sold to The Hut Group, true, but the Morvélo team (design, product development, marketing) is still in Brighton, still in the same warehouse and still the three of us. THG now runs the fulfilment and customer service side and handles financing. After 13 years of being self-funded, and the limitations that brings, we decided to sell so we can grow and develop the brand.

Still a Sussex cycling company  1


jurassicjay replied to Morvelo | 2 years ago

That’s good to know - thanks for clarifying.

mdavidford replied to jurassicjay | 2 years ago
jurassicjay wrote:

instead came from somewhere in the cold, dark north.


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