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Starting bid is £16,000 as Passoni auction Limited Edition bike for charity

The Italian brand aims to raise £20,000 to help fight Coronavirus in their home region of Lombardy

Italian premium bike brand Passoni is auctioning a limited edition Milano Sanremo bike for charity and the build is incredible. The full carbon/titanium frame is finished with some of the most expensive components available and with the starting bid already in at £16,000 with 23-days left to run, we can see this bike fetching an eye-watering price. Passoni is hoping to raise over £20,000.

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Passoni is a boutique custom frame building company based just outside of Milan. Their home region of Lombardy has been particularly badly hit by the Coronavirus. With their plan to launch this special edition at Milan-Sanremo put on hold with the cancellation of the race, Passoni decided to raise money for those in the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale who they say “are doing such an extraordinary job”.

You can see the auction here

The money raised will help CESVI, an Italian humanitarian organisation to purchase equipment for the intensive care unit of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and support vulnerable over 65s in the Bergamo and Milan regions.

Passoni Milan-Sanremo angle-2

Passoni produces some absolutely gorgeous frames from steel, titanium and also carbon, all featuring custom geometry. Sounds expensive, well you’d be right.

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The standard Passoni Fidia carbon/titanium frameset that this bike is based on will set you back £6,599 and that’s before you consider the THM finishing kit and crankset.

Passoni THM Cranks-2

Passoni won’t be scrimping on the rest of the build. THM provides the Clavicula SE chainset with 52/36 Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing chainrings.

The wheels are Passoni’s own P42CC that would set you back a casual €3,000 on their own. These are shod with Vittoria Corsa TLR tyres.

Passoni THM bar stem-2

THM also supplies the handlebar and stem in the form of the Ulna and Tibia. There’s no prize for guessing that these are both carbon pieces. They also supply the brakes with the Fibula continuing the skeletal theme.

Passoni THM brakes-2

The geometry of the Fidia frameset is tailored to the rider, giving you a bike that is perfectly suited to your measurements. It’s like the ultimate bike fit so if you’re looking for something incredibly special, and you’ve got very deep pockets, then head this way to place your bid.

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Dhill | 4 years ago
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What’s the weight? What does it matter. What’s with the weight obsession? 

You should learn to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle. Not think you are a cyclist because you ride the occasional Sportive.


Prosper0 | 4 years ago

But what's the weight!?

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