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SRAM acquires cycling apparel brand Velocio

American bicycle component manufacturer keeps on adding to its portfolio, with the cycle apparel brand coming on board just after the recent Hammerhead acquisition

SRAM is taking its first foray into softgoods with cycling apparel brand Velocio now the latest addition to its ever-growing portfolio.

2021 Velocio Women's Foundation Long Sleeve - pocket detail.jpg

This most recent acquisition comes just weeks after GPS cycle computer brand Hammerhead joined SRAM’s fold, alongside the component giant’s now huge family of subsidiary companies which includes RockShox suspension, Zipp wheels and handlebars, Time pedals, Truvativ bars and cranks and Quarq power meters.

Velocio says that its supply chain, manufacturing and product design will stay separate from SRAM’s manufacturing arm, but the move will enable “more independent product design and development, including a still bigger push towards sustainability in our product offerings and how we deliver them.”

Velocio says it will also benefit from SRAM’s reach into racing and teams as well as their insights into global distribution and retail support.

“Velocio, today, is a brand we’re really proud of, the brand we set out to create,” reads the statement on Velocio's site.

“Yet, there’s a unique challenge to running a business that often gets overlooked: succeed and your reward is a deeper expectation to grow. Grow too large, too fast and the risk is the often -lamented loss of brand, the dilution of product, and corner-cutting changes to boost profits. We won’t do any of those things.”

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Velocio says its focus was to find a partner, large brand or brand family that would value its three pillars of design, responsibility and culture, and “SRAM’s loyalty to their own employees and their efforts at outreach through World Bicycle Relief, among other causes, fits with how we see bikes and people and business.” 

SRAM’s history with Velocio goes back to 2015, with the shared sponsorship of the UCI pro cycling team, Velocio-SRAM, and has since continued through shared sponsorships and marketing efforts - Velocio clothing, for example, featured in SRAM’s first AXS product launch ads.

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The brand's Ultralight women's bib shorts also made it into recommends selection and and also won our editor's choice award thanks to the fantastic breathability and comfy pad for long rides, as as well as the effective comfort-break design.

Velocio is also well known for its approach to producing high performance cycling apparel that’s durable and aims to be sustainable in both the materials used and the manufacturing process. 

clothing of the year Jan 2022 - editors choice - Velocio Womens Ultralight Bib Shorts

“Since our launch in 2014, we’ve looked at how we can continue to push forward our product offering to reduce our impact on our planet,” says the brand. “We all need clothing, but what we choose to buy has a profound impact on not only its longevity, but the environmental cost in creating it.”

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As part of this, Velocio has already partnered with other like-minded brands in order to open up regional repair hubs to reduce shipping distances for renewing its garments. In the UK, that’s Apidura, who have also opened up its own Revive store for selling used bikepacking bags to increase the lifespan of its products. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the brand continues develop and expand with SRAM’s support and backing.

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OnYerBike | 1 year ago

Let's hope this is good news - I have a couple of bits of Velocio kit and generally they seem very good, although with price tags to match. Aside from the cost, one hesitation I currently have with purchasing any more from them is that although they have a generous returns policy, UK customers currently have to return items to the USA which is expensive and means dealing with customs declarations etc. If partnering with SRAM means they can access a UK distribution network/become available in UK-based retailers then that's certainly a win. 

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