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Video: Castelli's Unlimited clothing range

"All surface clothing" encompasses road and gravel

You've only got to look up images  of the Rough Stuff Fellowship to realise that gravel riding isn't a new phenomenon: people have been taking their road bikes off road since road bikes were invented. That's not to say that they were good at the job though: the advent of gravel bikes has made venturing off the tarmac a lot more accessible, and fun. And gravel clothing is also helping to make multi-surface rides more enjoyable. 

Castelli is one of a growing number of clothing brands looking to cater for the all-surface cyclist. But the Unlimited range is not just clothing for off-roading, it's at pains to point out. Here's what Castelli says about Unlimited:

We’ve been riding on gravel since before it was a thing. Maybe that’s why we don’t really like the word “gravel.” It’s not a separate sport, and we think that in a few years we’ll go back to just calling it cycling. You’re still riding fast and challenging yourself as well as your friends. It’s just that now your tyres are more durable, and that opens up new trails and unpaved roads. The effort is the same as always, but now it’s even more fun. That’s our approach with the new Unlimited group of products. Take away the limits of having to stick to paved roads. 

There's plenty of features packed into the the jersey and short that are aimed at making the clothing more capable for all-surface riding. Watch our video at the top of the page for a rundown of what makes the Unlimited range different from Castelli's road offerings.

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pockstone | 3 years ago
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Scratchy Harris Tweed plus-fours, a cable knit sweater handed down from your trawlerman grandad and a yellow oilskin cape...all you'll ever need!

chunky | 3 years ago
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What about sand...and rocks...and waterlogged fields...and

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