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Wahoo updates Tickr and Tickr X heart rate straps with lighter weight, slimmer design and more connectivity

The new Tickr models have slimmer profiles and an integrated strap design

Wahoo has updated its two heart rate straps, the basic Tickr and the smarter Tickr X. Both have been made slimmer, with an integrated strap design and a claimed 50% boost in battery life which Wahoo says will give you 500 hours of data transmission.

While power is still the gold-standard for measuring cycling performance, heart rate data still plays an important role in tracking fitness, and the low price of a heart rate monitor compared to a power meter means that it is still a popular method of training and pacing.

Tickr - £39.99

Wahoo Tickr Tickr X-2

The standard Tickr simply transmits heart rate data from the chest strap via ANT+ or Bluetooth to a connected head unit, watch or smartphone.

Wahoo says that the new Tickr is more comfortable, owing to the “slim and light form-fitting design lying closer to the chest to prevent shifting.”

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Wahoo also says that it has increased the connectivity, with the new Tickr able to transmit data through “up to three Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.” This should help users connect their heart rate data to other Wahoo items like the Kickr Headwind while maintaining a connection to training apps like Zwift and Trainer Road.

Wahoo Tickr Tickr X-3

Wahoo has also moved the LED lights to the top of the monitor, which they say give the user “more confidence” that the Tickr and Tickr X are connected and tracking.

The new Tickr weighs a claimed 48g which, while very light, isn’t an improvement on the previous Tickr X that Dave reviewed in 2016. There’s no price change with the new Tickr, it’s still £39.99.

Tickr X - £64.99

The more expensive Ticker X has all of the features of the base Tickr, with some added training metrics that look to be aimed primarily at runners and gym-goers, though a few of the added features could be very interesting to cyclists.

“Tickr X can now also transmit enhanced running dynamics to compatible smartwatches via ANT+, giving runners real-time access to their cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.”

Wahoo Tickr 2020 3
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“Tickr X also offers runners a proprietary Running Smoothness score through the Wahoo Fitness app, helping to improve their efficiency and form.”

Interestingly, the “Tickr X can also store up to 50 hours of workout data, which will sync to your smartphone via the Wahoo Fitness app.” This is up from 16 hours of data stored in the old Tickr X model and the feature allows you to head out without being connected to any electronic devices while still recording your ride for analysis later.

Wahoo Tickr Tickr X-4

Product Manager Katie DuPree says that Wahoo has "revamped the Tickr and Tickr X to give users class-leading functionality in a design that’s effortless to use and very comfortable to wear."

“Tickr and Tickr X redefine what you expect from a heart rate monitor by offering unmatched power, comfort, and convenience whether you’re on a quick lunch ride or running a marathon.”

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Both the Tickr and Tickr X come in the standard white/blue colour and a new stealth black. They can both be purchased as standalone items or as part of a bundle with Wahoo’s Elemnt Roam (£359.99) or Elemnt Bolt Stealth (£244.99) bundles. The Tickr and Tickr X are both available from 7th May, with the bundles available from 15th May.

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