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Semolina; fuel of weekend warriors


We all recall semolina with strawberry jam from school dinners, not as good a pudding as spotted dick and custard or jam roly-poly.

I was reading an article in Singletrack a couple of months ago by Matt Hart on pasta and about how it is made from durum wheat, or semolina. Now I think I knew this deep down in the recesses of my brain but never did anything with this information.

Anyway, I popped down to my local fairtrade shop and picked up a 500g packet of wholemeal semolina for 80p. Looked around on the internet for some recipes and have been having it with milk, cinnamon, honey, ginger and last week with apple and calvados jelly.

Not sure I have quite hit on the right quantities to use but using on a Friday night I am hoping that will give me a bit of extra energy on a Saturday morning.

According to Wikipedia it is 73% carbs and 1% fat.

It is certainly good value, semolina costs about 2.5p per portion.

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