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Commuter diaries - London commute day

Riding in the city

It always amazes me how many miles you can rack up in the city. Last week I had a 32 mile commute between meetings from Chiswick to Islington, back to Twickernam and finishing in the West End. 30 miles of stop start, exhilarating riding through traffic and hug variety, whether you are riding in one of the parks or dodging cabs in Soho. Singlespeed all the way as my bike of choice, fast, simple, clean, robust and light weight with bolt through axles for ease of locking. The SS is fast on pick up when track standing at lights and the 44/16 gearing is big enough for hammering fast. I even had a meeting on an Island in the Thames which was a 1st for me.

Flo K

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