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Check out this steel Breadwinner A-Road with Enve finishing kit

This bike features in Enve's 2023 Builder Round-Up virtual show and uses “Steel The Rider technology” – with the aim of delivering compliance without complication

This spectacular-looking A-Road is a custom-made bike by Breadwinner, designed for versatile road riding experiences. It is one of the bikes on exhibit at the Enve 2023 Builder Round-Up, which brought together a group of custom bike builders to showcase their best frameworks - all kitted out with Enve parts.

This steel bike's maker is Breadwinner, which if you haven’t heard of it, hails from Portland, Oregon. 

The A-Road, as the name suggests, is Breadwinner’s all-road bike. As the brand puts it: “whether your day-to-day riding takes you on perfect pavement, less-than-ideal chip seal, or primitive graded gravel, the A-Road brings its A-game”. 

Breadwinner A-Road seat tube

The frame is made of a custom Columbus steel blend (Spirit and Life), paired with a lively Reynolds steel fork, and Breadwinner promises an excellent riding experience. 

The A-Road works well with tyres up to 40mm wide, which means it can be taken on some gravel roads as well. The custom bike we have pictured here is rolling on 34mm Schwalbe Pro One TLE tyres wrapped on carbon Enve SES 4.5 rims. Those rims are laced on Chris King R45d in 3d Violet hubs that add a bit more colour to the setup - and the same brand headset is there, too. 

Breadwinner A-Road hub chris king

In terms of weight, the steel fork version of the A-Road is comparable with its carbon-forked counterpart. While the Breadwinner Segmented Steel AR Fork offers a bit more flex compared to the carbon version, Breadwinner says this can be seen as an advantage when paired with stiff carbon all-road wheels like the ENVE SES 4.5 or Astral Luna. 

Breadwinner A-Road stem enve

If you think Enve is present a lot on this bike, it is. There's an Enve Composite SES AR handlebar (wrapped in Enve bar tape), stem and seatpost - all painted to match the bike’s overall colour scheme. The saddle is a Fizik Argo.

The groupset on the bike is the newest SRAM Force AXS, which adds its own little bling to the setup. 

Breadwinner A-Road headtube

The A-Road comes with stealthy mudguard mounts – and with guards on you can still squeeze 35mm tyres on. The bike also has integrated dynamo wiring and mounts available.

Due to its custom nature, there is no specific price for this build, but if you wanted to get one of the A-Road’s, you could build it exactly like this. A-Road frame and fork retail for $3,295 (£2,558) and complete builds start at $5,900 (£4,581).

[Pictures by Spencer Harding]

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