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feature Recommends updated with 9 products including the Specialized SL8, Ribble CGR SL, Campagnolo Super Record Wireless + more

The scores on the doors are in for our last Recommends update before we kick off our awards season. Here are all the very best things we reviewed in December

The latest top-scoring things we've reviewed include a lot of cutting-edge cycling gear. The latest additions to Recommends feature bikes such as the much-discussed Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8, Liv's comfy Avail Advanced Pro 0 endurance road bike, and the versatile Ribble CGR SL Sport. We've also dished out the Recommends badge to some top-notch Hutchinson tyres, the newest top-of-the-range Campagnolo groupset, accessories and an almanack. 

Read on to find out which products we deemed excellent and awarded with the Recommends badge in December. If you're after more of our comprehensive reviews, head over here to read them all – new ones are dropping daily. 

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 - SRAM Red eTap AXS

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8

It's the bike that shook the cycling world when it leaked to the masses ahead of its launch in August, and upon testing the plethora of claims that Specialized attached to its S-Works Tarmac SL8, we found that it is a very good bike indeed. Our top-of-the-range model comes with SRAM Red eTap AXS groupset, Roval Rapide CLX II wheels and a hefty price tag of £12,000. For this price you get a very feathery 6.94kg bike, making it perhaps not the most competitive if you're comparing £/kg rates – but let's be serious, this is not a bike for mere mortals.

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Jamie praised the SL8 for its exceptional geometry and versatility as a do-it-all race bike with improved stiffness, compliance, and aero features. What else is there to say? It's got it all for someone looking to spend big bucks on cutting-edge tech.

Read the full Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 review here

Liv Avail Advanced Pro 0

Liv Avail Advanced Pro 2 2023

Standing out from the crowds, the women-specific Liv Avail Advanced Pro 0 is a high-performance endurance bike that really impressed reviewer Emma. Our test bike retails at £5,999, weighs 7.62kg and offers an ideal blend of power, efficiency and comfort. The bike's geometry caters to riders seeking extended comfort on long rides, and specced with great components such as the Ultegra Di2 groupset the bike is smooth and reliable.

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The Avail utilises Liv's D-Fuse technology which should absorb ever more of those road vibrations. It can accommodate up to 38mm tyres (making it ok for light gravel, too).

Read the full Liv Avail Advanced Pro 0 review here

Ribble CGR SL Sport

Ribble CGR SL Sport

The Ribble CGR SL Sport is a chameleon of a bike, that aims to excel in not just one, but three cycling disciplines. It's got tyre clearance for up to 47mm rubber, full mudguard mounts and stable geometry for road and gravel. Although it might be a tad on the heavier side compared to lightweight road machines, this bike can do so many things well and is impressive in its versatility. 

Read the full Ribble CGR SL Sport review here

Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless tyre

Hutchinson Challenger TLR tyre fitted on a bike wheel

The Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless tyres are ultra-long-lasting, puncture-resistant option for winter cycling. In our testing, we found these tyres easy to set up tubeless, and they offered very good grip and a claimed lifespan of 10,000km. Despite the higher cost, these tyres' performance, durability, and value make them some of the best road tyres for winter training and endurance cycling.

Read the full Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless tyre review here.

Campagnolo Super Record Wireless

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless - crank arm.jpg

With Super Record Wireless, Campagnolo bid farewell to its iconic thumb shifter, yet this electronic groupset still offers exceptional performance and that distinctive Campagnolo feel according to our reviewer. The gear changes are crisp and fast, the braking is powerful and despite lacking a power meter option, its aesthetics, comfortable design and flawless shifting make it an attractive choice for Campag fans with loose purse strings. 

Read the full review of the Campagnolo Super Record Wireless here 

Restrap Light Mount

2023 Restrap Light Mount - 3.jpg

Restrap's Light Mount is a simple and sturdy solution for mounting lights on various parts of your bike.

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If you don't have much seatpost visible, this mount will solve the problem easily and keep you visible – and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Read the full review of the Restrap Light Mount here  

Swrve Belgian wool merino cap

2023 Swrve Belgian wool merino cap - 1.jpg

Swrve's Belgian wool merino cap might not impress you with flashy looks, but this thin cap offers lots of warmth and a delightful feel against the skin. The merino wool remains toasty even when wet and doesn't start to stink after a couple of rides, which adds to the value of this hat.

Read the full review of the Swrve Belgian wool merino cap here

Santini Adapt Multi - Jacket

Santini Adapt Multi - Jacket

The Santini Adapt Multi-Jacket is made for cold and wet conditions. It's lightweight, breathable and unexpectedly waterproof.

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The Polartec Power Shield Pro fabric gives it flexibility and warmth and also makes it fit really well. We'd say the optimal temperature range for this jacket is 0 to 10°C, paired with the right baselayer, and because of the breathability, you won't boil alive even if you do some efforts. 

Read the full review of the Santini Adapt Multi - Jacket here

The Road Book 2023 Cycling Almanack

The Road Book 2023 Cycling Almanack

The Road Book 2023 Cycling Almanack is a reliable annual chronicle of the cycling season. The extensive 992 pages feature essays, statistics, and rider insights, making it an indispensable and well-loved resource for those true cycling enthusiasts.

Read the full review of the The Road Book 2023 Cycling Almanack here 

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